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Rangers “don’t need to sell” as Robertson confirms bright future for finances

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As reported at the time by Vital Rangers, our finances are not all doom and gloom and certainly on the right tracks in terms of heading towards self sufficiency.

The impact of Covid-19 set us back more than a few steps and yet when you dig a little deeper, there is a lot to be positive about moving forwards and, speaking in the AGM, Stewart Robertson explained once again that there is no need for a fire sale or a desperate need to cash in on star players just to keep the lights on – despite the claims of some in the Scottish media:

“We said in the financial report that we’re looking to record a positive profit. And that is looking very probable, rather than possible. And that’s without a player sale.

“There has been a lot of chatter in the press about how we need to sell a player. But we don’t need to sell a player.

“What we need to do is get ourselves to a normalised position with a player trading model, which is selling a player at the right time and at the right value for Rangers.

“That’s something, again, we’re very close to doing.”

My biggest concern is losing valuable players for nothing if we don’t get them signed up to new contracts or sell them at the right time, the player trading model will only work efficiently if we get this aspect of squad management right.

Ross Wilson, encouragingly, isn’t concerned about the contract situation at the club though and we, as a support, should trust him, there is very little that he has done since arriving from Southampton that suggests otherwise.

For perspective, one player sale would put us in profit next year, or qualifying for the Champions League. It’s encouraging that we have a business model that now operates without depending on these for survival – it has been a long, arduous journey but we’re getting there.

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