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ScotGov proposals to discriminate against Rangers supporters travelling from outside Scotland?

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As it stands, new guidelines will be in place from the 1st of October affecting entry to stadiums and other live events in Scotland.

It was already established that in the case of Ibrox (as a venue with a capacity over 10,000), in order to gain entry, a vaccine passport will be required.

To say that the proverbial can of worms has been opened, would be a massive understatement.

Now, the furore has deepened with the revelation that people who have been vaccinated outside Scotland, in the rest of the UK, will not be eligible for entry to large events such as football stadiums and nightclubs.

Logic, common sense and consistency appears to have been chucked out of the window once again.

Given the significant number of season ticket holders who regularly travel to Ibrox from Northern Ireland, England and Wales, as well as from overseas – this latest ScotGov directive will have massive implications, but it just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Those same supporters from rUK have received the very same vaccines as those resident in Scotland.

There is also the anomaly of those who live in Scotland, but were vaccinated in England for work reasons.

What about the thought of bus loads of fans being denied entry to Ibrox, as a large venue over 10k, but being able to go along to Firhill or St Mirren Park – smaller venues with regular crowds under 10k – and therefore not being held to the same restrictions or need for vaccine passports.

A similar impact would be felt across the city at Parkhead.

It is an absurd situation.

At Ibrox, VitalRangers understands that club chiefs are unhappy with the latest plans and have made that clear to the Scottish adminsitration, such is the potential impact on its business.

With a couple of weeks left to pass until the 1st October deadline, expect a few twists and turns before then.

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