Date: 29th January 2019 at 8:00am
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Rangers have been good to watch this season. We’ve been far more competitive than we have in years, and there’s still a realistic chance of winning the league title – and that’s more than we have been able to say for a while.

Are we favourites? Certainly not, but if we continue to improve, there’s no reason why we can’t be up and amongst it come the end of the season.

However, Steven Gerrard’s recent comments need to ring true with the Celtic squad first. Following Rangers’ latest game with Livingston, Gerrard has emphasised the need for consistency, noting (as per the official Rangers website): “If we want to be successful moving forward, we have to find consistency – it is no good taking three or four steps forward and then one or two back”.

There have been games this season in which we’ve been absolutely unstoppable. The fixture with Motherwell sticks out, with the Gers very good value for their 7-1 win.

However, those games have been few and far between. For every 2 good results, there’s almost always been a poor one, and that’s what has prevented us from taking the lead in the title race over Celtic.

Even our win at the weekend came on the back of a loss to Kilmarnock – and so the result is far less important than it could have been.

Celtic have won so often over the years because they’ve been so consistent. And until we’re able to match their level of constant form, we’re always going to fall short.

There’s no time like the present, though. If we can now go on and put 5 or 6 wins together, there’s no telling where we could be in the title race.