Date: 23rd January 2019 at 2:10pm
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Rangers are looking for that elusive 55th title this season and this is the closest we have been to it for some time.

We’ve been through the mill in recent years but we have come out of it the other side and it certainly seems as though the Gers are ready to have a serious crack at the league.

Steven Gerrard is doing a good job at the helm right now, then, and he has addressed talk of the title dream, as well as issuing a warning that we will be ready for what lies ahead.

As quoted by the Evening Times, the boss had this to say:

“There is no harm in dreaming. Of course, there’s not.

“But there is still a lot of hard work to do, a lot of tricky games and there will still be some twists and turns and bumps along the way, which we will be prepared for.”

Of course, he’s trying to keep our feet on the ground as so many managers do at this stage of the season but after so long it’s great to be so close.

This season could be ours, and I firmly think we’re ready for the months ahead.


2 Replies to “Gerrard addresses 55 dream and has warning for the business end”

  • How is it 55.
    That is the old club, do you not understand simple administration,
    If a club goes into administration, to retain that clubs identity, you must pay off that clubs debts.
    Did Charles Green pay off £87m quid of debt.

    NO. So until all of that is paid off, the old club lie in limbo, and so does their history.
    So they can win all the trophies they want, but they’re a new club, formed in 2012.
    So until you the media get that blatant fact into your skulls, this new club doesn’t have a history.
    History has to be earned, this club have earned nothing.

    So can can you please all of these arrogant self opinionated, obnoxious, arrogant, bigoted clowns, that if they do win the premiership title, it’s No.1, not 55.
    Unless Dave one-eyed King, wants to pay off £87m of outstanding debts.

  • Well Gordon all I can say is this.. I take it your a Celtic fan….

    We are coming down. The road. And we are here to take over…

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