Date: 16th April 2019 at 10:58pm
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BBC pundit Michael Stewart has had some strong criticism for Rangers chairman Dave King this week, after the Ibrox chief told supporters that Steven Gerrard’s side were close to becoming the dominant force in Scottish football.

King wrote to fans yesterday with a lengthy open letter in support of the job that Gerrard is doing, despite us missing out on major honours once again this season.

He said: “We are now within tangible reach of Rangers becoming the dominant force in Scottish football again.”

It’s a comment that has predictably upset pundits and supporters of other sides in Scotland, but is probably more of an ambition for the coaching team at Ibrox to aspire to than a declaration of our current status.

Stewart though appeared angry with the comments, taking to BBC Sportsound yesterday to laugh an astonishing verbal tirade against the chairman.

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, the pundit said:

Every season at this point when Rangers season tickets come out, Dave King comes out with some statement or comes out with an announcement to try and push season ticket sales – that’s all this is.

It’s so transparent it’s actually insulting to Rangers fans that are not blinded by this. The majority of them will see this for what it is.

It’s insulting to their intelligence for him to come out and try and suggest they are within tangible reach of becoming the dominant force in Scottish football – that is utter, utter rubbish.

It is not even close, as the season we’ve just seen shows. For Rangers to get to that position, they need Celtic to have another catastrophe of a transfer window like they did last year.

They need them to financially implode and Rangers to find extra revenue from somewhere and to spend and hit the mark on every acquisition they bring in for them to even stand a remote chance.

Obviously Dave King wants as many supporters to buy season tickets as possible, it would be stupid to suggest otherwise, but Stewart’s comments are a bit over the top.

Progress has been made at Rangers this season on the pitch. Despite falling short in key matches, we reached the group stages of the UEFA Europa League, managed a derby victory and played some good football.

We are still a long way off a credible title challenge, but with stability at the club this summer, Gerrard has a chance to build on the foundations he’s laid down this term.

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11 Replies to “BBC pundit launches extraordinary verbal tirade against Rangers”

  • Sad to say–I agree with Michael Stewart. I wish I could say he was talking rubbish–but he is just telling it like it is. Ally McCoist has said much the same as Michael Stewart. Ally says that we need at least 4 TOP CLASS PLAYERS–not just average ones. I agree. This seasons results tell us that the team is still weak in several areas, and, sadly, Celtic look like easily winning yet another treble. That is totally unacceptable to all of us Rangers fans.

  • Since when has Michael Stewart been recognised as a credible voice of Scottish Football, off course its trying to sell more tickets and buy into the idea we are moving in the right direction, the final paragraph when it states he admits eere a long way off Celtic is conveniently ignored.
    BBC rubbish once more

  • Micheal Stuart being puppeted affi BBC again theve already wrote a statement saying they have bn unfairly treating rangers so usual WATP n stevie g eh nan gee em tym n of course he wants season tickets fur at extra cash boost into the team everything to help rangers football club…… N to mi Well done use have steadied eh ship b4 at we were ona f****** burst rubber dinngy noo weer ona boat soon itl b a cruise liner watch is space

  • What has Michael Stewart done in his football career that he BBC seem to think he is an expert on football ?
    He has to my knowledge never managed in football has cocked up at every club he’s been at hasn’t got a cupboard full of medals ,and has been very fortunate to land the job he has with an organisation renowned for the poor standard of pundits they employ. I will give him his due , he is consistent, he talks rubbish all the time

  • He was never good enough for Rangers in the short spell he had as a youngster. It’s nothing but sour grapes from a man with limited experience in football.

  • Stewart is as biased as chris mutton against Rangers, it comes as no surprise. His weekly remarks on sportscene highlighting our club are in keeping with those generally held by the bbc.

  • Am afraid I have to agree with that muppet Stewart but he’s spot on there has been a massive improvement this year getting to the europa league was massive for the gers but we are still very inconsistent and we need at least 5 top class players next year and I no that will be hard for gerrard to do but celtic did not have a great season and by all means I think we have closed the gap in terms of playing them but there squad is still better than ours and I let’s not kid ourself on we all new that anyway but I believe we can push them close next year in GERRARD WE TRUST WATP

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