Date: 1st August 2018 at 6:15am
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Rangers announced on Tuesday that they will join Celtic in becoming an official partner club for the new edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer video game.

Ibrox Stadium and the playing squad will be represented in the game using accurate 3D modelling and scanning technologies, bringing the Gers to life in a way never seen before in a football game.

The news comes after creators Konami announced a licensing deal to include the Scottish Premiership in the game, as well as the unveiling of rivals Celtic as a partner club on Monday.

It means the thrills and spills of the derby will perfectly recreated for fans to enjoy when the game is released at the end of August.

Supporters are delighted by the news, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on it all…

What do you make of Rangers being featured in Pro Evolution Soccer this year? Let us know in the comments…


13 Replies to “‘Yass’, ‘About time’ – Plenty of Rangers fans are loving club’s latest commercial deal”

  • Sevco Are Famous lololol small steps Billy small steps.Sevco have Never Ever won a Premier Title.Going for 55???Yet they are All of Six Years Old.But Dont Let Facts get in the Way of a Great Deception.

    • Away and pump yer sister u lot are that interested in rangers no wonder yer club gave your blue season tickets

      • WATP!!!Away and pump yer sister???.Away and suppirt a Club thats Not Liquidated.Sevco Are NOT RainJurZz.But explaining that to a GulliBillie Doesnt Help there Denials.Yer Maws Yer Sister,Ya Banger.

      • £BrokeLoyal.Looking forward to 10 In A Row,Yer Clubs Deid.Sevco are Nothing More Than A Joke.Just like there Plastic Fans.Who dont do Walking Away lololol.Even with No Tims at the Crumble Dome.Im confident Our Team will Empty that Circus by slapping your lot all over that pitch of Yours..TAL HWG10IAR..its just wonderful witnessing the Ending of Sevco 5088

  • Excuse me,But ive looked into Rangers in Liquidation and they Are Still in Liquidation.I read recently about child abuse at Ibrox and victims councel were in touch with the Ibrox BigWigs and were told to get in touchwith Rangers in Liquidation.Sevco Are Not Rangers.That is a Fact.The Most Corrupt Disgraceful Club in World Football.And Actually im a Roma Supporter

    • Giuseppe thats correct,Ibrox was contacted regarding childabuse and Sevco informed them that they have to take up the matter with Rangers in Liquidation.That is 10000000000% Correct.This Cretinous Entity knows No Shame.

  • Lol, look at you all , like f#*king immigrants jumping on the first band wagon, Rangers Football Club is still here, will always be here as much as you want to hate it, it makes ye well warm that we’re still here, also gives you the fear because no matter how much you protest Rangers Football Club won’t be going away, neither will the history, neither the trophies or the great fans and you biggest fear is you’ll be crying into your uncles crotch again when the deluded world you live in is completely torn apart when we win the next trophy it will added to the rest. WATP.

  • I honestly love the levels of obsession with the great unwashed, look at the hate these puddle drinkin soap dodgers have it’s hilarious keep it up ya mad bunch a Jim torbets. WATP . N a wid love tae see jungle tim in real life bet hes a fuckin fat hobbit haha.

    • TIOCFAIDH ARLA!!!!!!You,d love to meet JungleTim in real life..Why!!!For telling the Truth…KingBillyLoved TheBoaby..Fcking Clown

  • Glasgow Rangers will never die no matter how much the Celtic (Irish) or the sheep wish it to be true, we are Rangers, Super Rangers, no one likes us and we don’t care. We are Scots first and foremost that like the union, we like the Irish, can put up with the English (thank all our gods they never got near the WC Final) and the welsh are fine too.
    Sticks and stones lhaddie’s, but we are the rightful Champions of Scotland. The political minds of sien fien and glasgows Irish most certainly did a bang up job trying all the dirty political shite learned during the mind games of the ’60’s & ’70’s learnt btw from the other terrorist mob trying to take over our world and spreading their particular poison over media and their places of worship.
    We’ve been taken to the brink, on our way back up we shall see those tormentors punished (on the football park). Just remember our slogans bhoys “No Surrender”, “We are the PEOPLE”.
    All the best on yer way down, let Stevie G. Lead the way and we will Follow Follow✌????

    The Calgary Hun

    • Peter,Your living in LaLa land.Rangers are most definitely in the Grave.Its obsessing over Anything Celtic that will most Definitely kill this new Club too.No Surrender???lolololol Whatever.Like Walter Smith says.I wish the NEW Rangers every Success

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