Date: 4th April 2019 at 2:00pm
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BT Sport pundit Chris Sutton launched a tirade against Rangers’ Steven Gerrard, Alfredo Morelos and Andy Halliday live on television last night, embarrassing himself by revealing his unprofessional bias.

And he’s followed it up today with another strange defence of Scott Brown after he was cited by the Scottish FA for ‘not acting in the best interests of Association Football’ after antagonising away supporters after the full-time whistle on Sunday.

The SFA are simply enforcing rules they’ve already used this season against Rangers, after the club criticised Willie Collum’s handling of a Daniel Candeias sending off. It’s hardly a new low.

We all know Sutton played for and supports Celtic, that’s fine, but his latest rants have taken his so-called punditry to depths best reserved by unofficial fan outlets.

Last night on BT Sport, the former striker was out of order in his description of Andy Halliday, saying:

We saw Andy Halliday – a player who they were talking about at Ibrox getting a DVD out about him because he made one tackle – which was 80-20 in his favour.

And he’s made a couple of throw-ins this season. And he’s a bang-average player who’s trying to create melees that aren’t there.

Do your business on the pitch, you’ve had one win in the last three seasons. It’s massive deflections worrying about Celtic.

Sutton is a strong pro-Celtic, anti-Rangers voice in the media and we need more people representing our club on these panels and on these shows that can people like him to task.

His rant against Rangers and disrespect of Halliday was out of order for a pundit supposedly broadcasting on a neutral channel.

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7 Replies to “Sutton embarrasses himself for second day in a row after anti-Rangers nonsense”

  • Sutton’s just being controversial, he’d be out of a job otherwise, it’s the only way he knows, he quite simply doesn’t have the football knowledge to say anything constructive, the SPL media is inundated with ex Celtic men willing to tow the party line, Walker Sutton, Hartson, Boyd, Commons etc,

  • The TRUTH always hurts.

    Rangers comments wanting Collum struck off were The reason.

    Scott Brown has been cited he’s NOT been banned but Gerrard has been offered a one match ban for comments to Madden.

    Brown simply done the BROONY and your lot can’t take it.

    Arfield done it infront of Brown wasn’t cited.

    The SFA should be citing rangers for having the worse disciplinary record in Europe and that’s down to bad management

  • Sutton is so stupid he does not have the brains to hide his anti rangers bias. The worrying thing is that certain elements in the media are still happy to give him a platform to spout this drivel.

    • This is how you end up at celtic now after O’Neill took charge pure scum, gone are the days where celtic & rangers players were respected by both sets of supporters yes biased on game day but none of the hatred and crap we get know as for Sutton just no brains .

  • Personally, i think it’s a disgrace for the SFA to charge Scott Brown, they are only picking on him because he’s obviously got the mentality of a flag pole 😉

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