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Souttar medical confusion, Gers transfer latest

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There is always a fear when a transfer looks like the proverbial “done deal” that it will fall apart at the 11th hour, a disagreement over a minor detail in the contract or a change of heart by a player not wanting to upset loyal fans.

Sometimes things can’t be helped though but in the case of John Souttar, there appears to be some confusion over the status of his medical.

The headline grabbing phrase in the Glasgow Times’ exclusive is the word “passes”  with regards to the Hearts centre-half’s medical – other outlets have led with this too – however, on closer inspection – so to speak – there is no mention of how successful the process actually was rather that the 25-year old is merely “undergoing” a medical – there is a big difference between the two, especially when you consider how thick Souttar’s file will be.

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From which country does Dundee United keeper Benjamin Siegrist come from?

Rangers have had their fair share of players who barely kicked a ball due to underlying issues, Daniel Prodan didn’t kick one at all having arrived with barely a knee to stand on, hopefully the lessons have been learned.

For all that he might not be commanding a big transfer fee, we still need to carry out the appropriate due diligence, if the Scotland international has agreed to the terms on offer, we should take as long as we need to make sure he will be able to be the asset that we al know he has the potential to be.

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