Date: 13th July 2019 at 7:51am
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Jackie McNamara has hinted that Alan Hutton’s arrival could only happen if James Tavernier leaves Ibrox this summer – as quoted by Football Insider.

The former player reckons that if Hutton arrives he won’t fit into the side unless Tavernier leaves the club and then a player swap can happen in the right-back area.

McNamara had this to say:

“I’m not sure what position (he’d play).

They’ve obviously got Tavernier, who was probably their best player last year or one of the best. Unless he’s cover for him but I don’t see where he would fit in unless Tavernier was leaving.

“At this stage (of his career) he’ll want to play, is he going to fight it out for Tavernier’s spot? It will be interesting to see with that as well.”

It’s an interesting hint from McNamara but not one I necessarily agree with to be honest.

Hutton, if he came in, would surely be cover for Tavernier and nothing else.

Tav is one of our best players and Hutton, though decent, is no longer at that level.

For sure, at his age he’d surely struggle to play every game throughout the season, too, and it would make more sense to have both at the club rather than one going.

Steven Gerrard has looked to add depth this summer and I think Hutton arriving would be another nod to that.


6 Replies to “Rangers player swap hinted at in summer window”

  • Go comment on your own lot. You’re all the same, obsessed with Rangers. You’re a failed footballer, a failed coach, a failed manager, and now a failed punter?

  • This is the same guy who sold his best to players to a team who they were playing in a cup final two weeks time and to a cut of the transfer fee and it wasn’t question by the Celtic SFA

  • McNamara knows nothing about Rangers
    Whats that… we are ready to sign our 8th player, according to McNamara we need to sell first before we can buy ..what a pr*ck, as for Hutton although he is a right back he was playing left back for a while, didn`t you know that Jackie and correct your `not sure` about a lot of things.
    F*ck off back to the dark side and comment on your beloved smeltic

  • Talking shite as usual, we’ll sell our Captain who is only 27 years old and take a 34 year old in his place. Good piece of business ehhh Macnamara ????????

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