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Rangers pinpoint serious flaw with UEFA’s treatment of supporters

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With Rangers releasing a statement highlighting the concerns of fans at the Europa League Final last week, it has pointed to a serious flaw with UEFA’s handling of such matters.

European football’s governing body is not exactly known to be on a level footing with the ordinary fan in the street and issues at both ends of the stadium last week only increased that sentiment.

Flimsy responses were provided by both UEFA and Sevilla FC which have been far from adequate in going some way to make amends for the situation that fans faced at the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium last Wednesday. At this point, nothing can be done now to give the fans the water that was needed, to give back the sun creams and battery packs that were confiscated by police and security staff, but if UEFA are serious, they will make a meaningful gesture to Rangers and hopefully to take action to ensure that the same is not repeated at further finals.

The statement above included:

“Rangers FC are in dialogue with both UEFA and Football Supporters Europe (FSE) regarding the issues encountered by our supporters.”

“Supporters wishing to make a complaint to UEFA should be aware that UEFA has no direct grievance procedures for supporters.  We would recommend that supporters contact FSE via their away supporter’s survey which can be accessed HERE.”


For all of the slogans, the PR and campaigns about equality, fairness and everything else, where is the accountability and solidarity for fans when it really matters? The truth is that is doesn’t exist.

UEFA is too powerful for its own good but the clubs across the various European leagues have to do better to hold it to account and to give a meaningful voice to fans. This is also where FSE comes in, a body which does a lot of positive work and advocacy for those who matter most in the game, the fans.

If you haven’t already, please share your experiences with FSE on the link above.

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