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“We have been talking” – Beale’s transfer planning is underway

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Rangers boss Michael Beale is content with the Summer transfer plans that are already underway, he confirmed on Friday.

Speaking in a pragmatic, guarded way, the manager addressed the approach to out of contract players as well as casting the net for those who will join the club over the next few months.

There were no fresh revelations, exclusives or anything otherwise controversial but Beale was keen to put across that work was well underway with a vision of what needs to be done. That aim is so important given the increased pressure that will come in the new campaign to put up a proper title fight, with the current campaign looking like a foregone conclusion.

At Friday’s press conference, the Englishman responded when asked if progress had been made on players’ futures:

“There’s been a lot of work the last couple of weeks speaking to players in-house and also us sitting down and looking towards the recruitment of next year as well. Unfortunately for you guys, I’m not telling you anything today but we have been talking and as soon we’ve got something to share we will share it.”

“I think the most important thing is we have those conversations in-house and they remain private until everyone’s on the same page.”

From the content, it is clear that it has been a busy period during the international break with a few matters addressed, away from the pressures of games and preparation over the last fortnight.

Whilst Michael Beale was keeping tight-lipped, it will only be a matter of weeks before confirmation follows on certain individuals, particularly those whose contracts are expiring at the conclusion of this season.

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