Date: 14th September 2018 at 8:00am
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A number of fans of Scottish football have thrown their literal, not even their proverbial toys out of the pram following the Scottish Football Association’s decision to charge Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke for something he said surrounding Gary Dicker’s ban.

Clarke laid out his criticism quite clearly to the sending off of his player during their loss last month to Hearts and he went as far as criticising the disciplinary panel as they waved away their appeal.

What he said or didn’t say is actually irrelevant, when something goes wrong in Scotland it has to be Rangers’ fault, so manager Steven Gerrard has now come in for criticism from said fans as he can obviously get away with anything being a Ger.

Cue squeals of double standards and myopic rewriting of relevant history to explain away decisions that don’t sit well with others.

Faux outrage is clearly the thing for 2018, I find it a little bit humorous. We’ve got a while to go clearly, so why’s everyone panicking.


4 Replies to “Rangers Are Obviously To Blame For Recent SFA Decision, Goes Without Saying Surely”

  • Do you idiots not realise Rangers FC IS Scottish Football, with out them there would be absolutely no interest in our game throughout the UK and in Europe, so lets all raise a glass in thanks!

  • I think all these comments from the morons above prove Double D’s point that without Rangers they would be lost for anything to talk about. Of course Rangers are conspiring with the SFA to get Steve Clarke charged, now we have been caught. Duh!

  • Just makes me me stronger as a Rangers fan someone else’s incompetence and it’s all The Rangers fault.

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