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How do you solve a problem like Alfredo Morelos?

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How do you solve a problem like Alfredo Morelos?

There was a time when he would carry us, almost single handedly, to victory, now, it seems as if he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He used to cover every blade of grass in the final third and was a constant menace to opposition defences, sometimes he crossed the line but when he was on it, he was almost unplayable – that seems like an awful long time ago now.

One of Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s first jobs is to sort out what is going on with the Colombian intrnational, it’s all fair and well him finishing every game nowadays and tempering his aggression, but if he is going to continue at his current level it’s almost like being a man down anyway, what doesn’t help his cause is when he keeps firing passes out for throw ins when there are simpler options available.

One of the problems is his physique, he has never been the most athletic and to suggest that the fitness and management teams would let him develop a poor body composition just isn’t worth contemplating, however, when he puts on displays like the one against Hibs, he is leaving himself wide open for criticism.

That Fashion Sakala – with four goals during the international break and ten team goals in his last two starts for Rangers – had to watch from the bench made things even worse, Morelos was picked purely on what he has done in the past, not because of what he has been doing recently and it would be a surprise to see Van Bronckhorst afford him the same luxury.

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  • William Dunn says:

    Sell the fat prick for whatever we can get. Also Tavernier, Golson and Ryan Kent, unless Gio can instill some discipline and game awareness into them I’d sell the Lt and start again.We need to win the league this year because if the Champions League situation. If we do nothing now the opportunity will be missed and it will set us back 5 years.

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