Date: 11th March 2021 at 8:30am
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If you aren’t on Twitter, you really missed something quite special yesterday.

Rangers winning 55 really has sent Celtic fans into meltdown but now, to go one step further, the club appears to have totally broken – at least their social media admin anyway.

Their manager has been sacked, their chief executive is running away, more than half of their team can’t get out of Parkhead quick enough but it appears a simple line in Douglas Park’s response to the Scottish Government has been enough to send them over the edge.

When referring to “the other half of the Old Firm” the chairman has clearly triggered the “there is no Old Firm” brigade and with season ticket renewals on the horizon it looks as though they are doing their best to get fans back on side, fans that have spent the last few months trying to get season ticket refunds for this season!

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Who scored Rangers first competitive goal of the season?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it transpired that Celtic – along with Rangers – renewed the trademark “Old Firm” just last week, looks like you very much are “half of something” and it is “your problem”!

Gers fans obviously had a ball, here are a few of the finest responses to the toys getting well and truly lobbed out of the pram:

And well, it wouldn’t be Rangers Twitter without Jackie popping up now would it…?