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“Wild”, “Clickbait”, “Clueless” – Sun writer’s ludicrous lack of basics on Rangers tactics

Image for “Wild”, “Clickbait”, “Clueless” – Sun writer’s ludicrous lack of basics on Rangers tactics

Did you know that Rangers play with two up front? No, me neither.

According to Bill Leckie of The Sun that is the case and like Celtic, they need to get with the times and play three up top.

If only he was able to put that question/assumption to Steven Gerrard given that the Liverpool legend has imposed his entire team structure around a 4-3-3 system, with few exceptions, since his arrival in Glasgow back in 2018.

Yes, in today’s Scottish Sun, Leckie decided to tell us all of the merits of “big ‘uns and little ‘uns” – in terms of what Rangers need to do.

“…We saw that in Copenhagen , where Rangers only rescued a point after Steven Gerrard hooked a traditional front two and threw on guys who make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen.”

The same front three who were instrumental in putting six past Motherwell last week, started again last night in Denmark so how Leckie came to this point of (mis)understanding is unbelievable, it really is.

As others have mentioned, anyone who knows even the basics of football could easily tell that Rangers do not play with two up top, as was the case in the game that Leckie watched and then wrote about. Bizarre stuff!

After that, there was obviously no quality control or editing process in place…or maybe it was just about the clicks, as usual.

It is fair to say that the reaction on Twitter from tactics gurus, fans and elsewhere hasn’t been kind to the nonsense from Leckie, as below:

@_fadgie_ – “Clueless as usual. When did we last play 2 up front? McCoist and Hateley?”

@funkitfeyeno = “It’s absolute clickbait”

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