Date: 30th March 2018 at 7:20pm
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Ally McCoist made a very interesting comment that got many fans talking.

The club legend seems to have some insider information about when the long-term managerial situation will be resolved:

‘I`d be very hopeful in the next couple of weeks there would be a bit more light shed on it. I`d expect a bit of clarity one way or another.’

Personally, I would be very surprised if a decision is made before the end of the season. If the announcement was made before the Scottish Cup semi-final on April 15th, the board would be making a rod for their own back.

If they say that Murty is staying and then subsequently we are dumped out by our rivals, there would be mounting pressure to reverse the decision that was made.

Alternatively if a new manager was announced with Graeme keeping his job until the end of the season, it would also cause a lot of turmoil. The interim boss could feel undermined, and results could take a downward turn very quickly.

In my view, the only sensible decision is to delay any sort of announcement until the end of the season. It will allow the current boss to concentrate on managing the players, and getting the best out of them.

Our best chance of winning the cup, and comfortably finishing second is by backing the man who is in charge now, rather than muddying the waters with a premature announcement.

If our season was over and there was nothing to play for, it would make a lot more sense. The next man would be able to prepare for next campaign, getting his plans together for pre-season; ensuring we are in the best position to progress.

We are not in that place at the moment though, so for me the only logical thing to do is to hold fire on the appointment for now. Will we announce a new manager before the end of the season?