Date: 29th November 2018 at 11:30am
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It broke last night, but we’re still well aware of it, and that’s the fact that the SFA has decided to charge Rangers with five disciplinary matters concerning the Willie Collum fiasco.

This really has started to wear on now and it does seem as though both the club and the SFA are not willing to budge or stand down.

Frankly, it’s refreshing that the Gers are standing up to the organisation because it is about time someone did but I fear that they may now look to try and make an example of us because we have.

Five charges seems completely over the top – as per Sky Sports News – and we now have until the middle of next week to respond:

What they have against Rangers is beyond me.

It’s probably because of our success because, put it this way, if this was St. Mirren or a side like that things would be dead and buried by now.


3 Replies to “What do these people have against Rangers?”

  • Just go back to 2010,
    John Reid (then chairman of Celtic )
    « Dougie macdonald should be sacked «  this after a dodgy decision v Dundee Utd at tannadice, needless to say three referees lost their jobs !!!!!!
    Could someone tell me that this statement ( far more severe than rangers) did not merit any charges ????

  • The sooner we get to f**k from this league to England the better,see how long their one horse league survives then,as it was already on the brink before we arrived back and its still not fully recovered yet !!!

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