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Three tiers all over and filled in corners – a look at the future Ibrox?

Image for Three tiers all over and filled in corners – a look at the future Ibrox?

Can you imagine an upgraded Ibrox with three tiers all around the stadium as well as the existing corners to have the screens replaced with seats?

The images below gives a glimpse of just what that could look like and you can certainly see the appeal.

Capacity could possibly be boosted to a further 15,000 seats, a permanent home for safe standing as well as further hospitality offerings. Then there is the reality of costs and viability.


Significant work like this would require several millions as well as the possibility of having to knock down and rebuild some areas of the stadium as well as the knock-on effect that would cause for up to a couple of years. It would be seismic change and development for sure, as would the difficulty and disruption that would be caused.

There is a strong argument that the current capacity of Ibrox is not large enough, particularly for the big games. In the latter stages of the Europa League run, it was common to see many people outside on the streets holding up notes of cash in the vain hope for tickets. Not too many would have been successful.

Other issues with the stadium at present include the need for suitable, modern facilities for our disabled supporters, whose current situation and vantage point is far from good enough. The club have said that they are seeking a solution to this as a matter of priority but it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. There is also the vocal lobby from the ‘active’ support in and around the Union Bears who long for a proper safe standing section to cater for a different demographic in the fanbase as well as to further improve the backing for the team on the pitch.

Those issues and more could be fixed with significant expansion of Ibrox but it would be a very costly, difficult and protracted development but one which is very likely to be strongly considered within the next decade.

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