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Steven Davis speaks on fan impact despite lockdown and feelings on empty Ibrox ‘trophy day’

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Steven Davis spoke to the NI press today, ahead of the new Rangers Store opening in Belfast.

The outlet will opening this coming Saturday at 10am on Donegal Place in the city centre.

He was greeted enthusiastically by the local press corps, on a range of subjects from his spectacular recent Old Firm goal and scoring against Celtic over three decades, to thoughts on the successful Premiership season as well as the NI women’s team success and possible future career plans.

Also on the call, Rangers commercial and marketing director James Bisgrove fielded questions on the retail operation and ongoing partnership with Castore – as well as divulging info on further plans for NI, the fans impact and assurances on product quality.

VitalRangers had the chance to ask Davis for his thoughts on the unfortunate situation ahead on trophy day.

Steven, you were directly involved, front and centre, in famous trophy victories such as the Old Firm League Cup final in 2011 and the Premier League success and party on the last day at Kilmarnock in the same season.

Looking ahead to trophy day against Aberdeen, what are your thoughts on the unique situation of celebrating a massive occasion inside an empty Ibrox, without the fans?

SD – “Yeah, ultimately there have been a lot of good things for us this season. One of the major disappointments is that the fans have not been able to get in when it was such an important year for the club.”

“Listen, we all know behind the scenes that we have had that unwavering support.”

“We would have loved for the fans to have been with us, celebrating our victories along the way and the last day of the season would have been a very special occasion with a full Ibrox.”

“Unfortunately, some of the lads who joined the club last Summer still haven’t had that experience yet but it is something we are really looking forward to.”

“Hopefully next season, we can get them all back in there. I can’t speak highly enough of the fans, we know how much hurt they have suffered over the last decade with everything that has gone on but now they see a team on the pitch who is giving everything and they are proud of us.”

“That is ultimately what we are trying to do – you want to go out there and give it your best.”

“We knew the league season was going to be really important for us and we managed to get it done, so we want to go on and finish the season strongly with the three remaining games.”

“Of course, it will be a special moment to get our hands back on the trophy and it’s just disappointing that the fans can’t be in there with us.”

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