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Spiteful Hearts fans turn on Souttar with reality of move to Rangers

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Hearts fans have predictably taken news of John Souttar’s move to Rangers quite badly.

As is the modern way, plenty of comments have been made on social media with fans making clear their displeasure and rage at what is an upward and positive career move for the Scotland international.

When a player leaves after running down a contract, there will always be claims and cries, with the word ‘loyalty’ used every time. After his injury issues at Tynecastle, some supporters pointed to how the club stood by him in his recovery and offering a new deal.

Yes, there have point to an extent but players also have a loyalty to themselves, their family’s and their own best interests. If Souttar had performed poorly over the course, injury or not, there would not have been that ‘loyalty’ shown on the other side, thatis a reality.

Another is that all clubs except the elite clubs in the big leagues are selling clubs and every now and then, a reminder of that will come.

Rangers recently got a very good deal for Nathan Patterson, but it was still sore to lose a talented player to a club operating at a higher level, the same is a strong possibility with Connor Goldson at the end of the season, as his contract runs down.

See below a selection of some of the typical reactions from Hearts fans online, with one particular strange take of Souttar moving to a ‘rival’ club…yes, really.

Others inclued:

@gillianmccc51 – “And that’s the thanks we get. Could stomach him going down south.”

@William04150909  – “Keep him and don’t let him play another minute this season. Rat”

Several other mindless comments were wishing injury to the player with the usual insults thrown in, but along came one supporter to add a welcome dose of reality to the discussion:

@KeithRobson – “We did get him from Dundee Utd in similar circumstances. Would have loved another full season out of him.”

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  • David Duncan says:

    I wish John all the best, he deserves it. Just disappointed he will not be with the best club in Scotland. As long as we split the ugly sisters.

  • Roderick Kerr says:

    As a lifelong Hearts supporter, disappointed that he’s decided to leave as he could have signed an extension as Craig Gordon did a few years ago before his transfer to Sunderland, which netted Hearts a £9 million fee from his move to Sunderland. That would have shown some form of loyalty to a club which supported him throughout his injury years. There is little doubt that within the next couple of years a major club will pay a large sum for his services. I would rather that had been Hearts rather than Rangers. Hovever, he cannot be condemned for leaving for higher wages. If any of these “fans” who are complaining were offered say, six times their current salary by another employer to do the same job as they were presently performing, how many of them would turn such an opportunity down? The answer is – None.

  • Roderick Kerr says:

    Your headline refers. Not any more spiteful than Rangers fans’ comments when Steven Gerard departed for Aston Villa.

    • Rab says:

      Hearts fans are bitter and I don’t blame them. Stood by him through thick and thin and he does the dirty.
      It’s Rangers I hate more cause my opinion is they could pay for him now but won’t cause Goldson is still there till summer.
      We are the the Hearts and the best team to play for and support!!

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