Date: 8th July 2021 at 8:15am
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It has been claimed that there is growing unease within SPFL clubs, particularly in the Premiership, in regard to the plan for fans to attend when the league season resumes next month. 

Given the lack of consistency around in regard to different sporting events in Scotland and the general tone of the government, who can blame them.

Just what will happen if the authorities renege on the initial agreement to allow capacity crowds to return?

The two tweets below sum up the sorry situation, concisely.

The report from The 4th Official in particular gets to the heart of the matter.

It simply doesn’t add up.

We already had the farce of no crowds permitted for the Scottish Cup Final in May, yet just a matter of three weeks later – when Covid figures were much worse in Scotland – with the Euro2020 circus rolling into town, it was permissible to allow approximately 12,000 fans into Hampden.

It was the same with the SNP government silence and hypocrisy over Scotland fans travelling en masse to London, compared to their over the top but expected, furious reaction to events at home in Glasgow in May when Rangers fans marked the title win.

Quite simply, if there is political capital to be made then that will be given priority.

Last week, 16k rugby fans at Murrayfield but only a measly 2000 Hibs fans will be allowed for their game against Arsenal.

Can someone please explain?

Given that clarity is unlikely to come from those in power at Holyrood, the SPFL clubs must put pressure of the league body as well as the SFA to lobby in their interests.

Common sense and parity is sorely lacking.