Date: 28th September 2018 at 8:15am
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Rangers will play their League Cup semi-final against Aberdeen at Hampden on the same day as Celtic and Hearts, the SPFL announced on Thursday.

The fixtures will take place on Sunday October 28th, with the Gers’ clash with the Dons taking place at 12pm and the other duo facing off at 7:45pm.

It leaves a tight turnaround for staff at Hampden and also complicates matters for Rangers supporters, who will hopefully be celebrating progression to the final after the match.

How will fans be transported away from the stadium and pubs in the area?

It seems like an avoidable logistical nightmare, with the option of playing at other stadiums in Glasgow and Edinburgh a more fan-friendly scenario.

The two matches must take place on the Sunday rather than the tradition Saturday/Sunday set-up due to both Rangers’ and Celtic’s participation in the UEFA Europa League.

Rangers fans can’t quite understand the decision and took to Twitter to share their thoughts on it all…

What do you make of the decision to play both League Cup semi-finals at Hampden on the same day? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


6 Replies to “‘Ridiculous’, ‘Idiotic morons’ – Rangers fans can’t understand bizarre Thursday development”

  • Who ever made this decision needs to be accountable for the consequences because to anyone who knows anything about football knows it will be a disaster. Would S.F.A members like any of their own families to be anywhere near Hampden or surrounding areas on that day ? With so many options available why in the name of sanity choose this one ?

  • I would hope that the halfwits that planned this will be held to account for the mayhem that could be unleashed on the fans ….its no rocket science to see the possible consequences of such moronic fixture timings

  • the idiot(s) who have set this up…should be fired!! this is a terrible decision for ALL fans, especially for Rangers….basically two very important games in in less than THREE days….
    This is outrages …….

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