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“Absolute joke”, “Discrimination” – Gers fans fume at club Covid statement

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Thanks to the Scottish Government, Rangers are stuck between a rock and a hard place on the subject of Covid-19 vaccination passports.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much the club can do and the statement on Monday was about as much as it could offer, that this information is being released just a few days before action is being taken says it all about the shambolic way in which the initiative has been handled by the Holyrood administration.

There are still questions that need to be answered though, for example, what happens to a season ticket holder that hasn’t had both vaccinations?

It simply isn’t fair to force individuals to get vaccinated just to go about their normal life, we all know the risks, if that is their choice, then so be it.

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Rangers went toe-to-toe with Inter Milan to sign Ronaldo when he left Barcelona.

Rangers fans are rightly fuming about the news and, unfortunately, there isn’t much that the club can do, however it has still been getting it in the neck when perhaps the frustrations should be aimed elsewhere.

The thread itself is hugely disappointing, fans arguing amongst themselves when there really is no need to, the government’s own guidance gives details about exemptions and how being asked to provide proof of exemption is against the law, in short, there shouldn’t be anyone missing out, regardless of whether or not they are fully vaccinated – an absolute shambles from start to finish and a needless waste of money.

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