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No international break blues for Cantwell as he serenades Gers fans

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One thing we knew about signing Todd Cantwell is that he is a bit of a “character”, he goes about his business with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

So far, it’s safe to say that the 25-year old has made an instant impression with the Rangers fans and has done his talking on the pitch, although his social media activity is sure to irk those that think he should spend more time training and less time making videos.

Of course, players are only human too and deserve to have downtime and to unwind anyway that they see fit, as long as they are professional in their behaviour and it doesn’t affect their performances then there shouldn’t be an issue – each to their own and all that.

The international break means that we won’t get to see Cantwell in action for a while, however, what he has done is give us a sample of his singing voice and his dance moves during a Chris Brown gig in Glasgow during the week.

Is it the sort of thing that Richard Gough or Ally McCoist would do? Probably not, but let’s not re-write the past. They were far from the tea total angels that some would have you believe. To play for Rangers you have to have something about you, a confidence, an arrogance or a swagger that shows you believe in yourself and Cantwell has shown so far that he more than backs himself to play the pass to open up defences and do the hard yards as well.

Personally, I couldn’t care if it’s Chris Brown or Chris Rea, he’ll do for me.

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