Date: 12th August 2021 at 12:01pm
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There are a lot of things that Rangers have got right and improved on since Dave King swept to power some six years ago at a club that needed to be rebuilt literally from root to branch.

Ibrox, the training ground, once revered, had started to look like a shambles and had become borderline dilapidated due to years of neglect from previous administrations, millions were spent on bringing them up to scratch before thoughts of upgrading could even be entertained.

The playing squad was barely fit for the Championship never mind competing at the top end of the Premiership and European competition, again, mis-management and wrong turns at every corner, no long term planning – in fact, there was no planning of any sort.

This wasn’t helped by the lack of a scouting team or structured recruitment department that could identify talent for every area of the club to fit both short, medium and long-term goals.

We had no proper commercial department, or retail agreement that we were profiting from, but gradually, we have come through to the other side and we have almost everything in place needed to be a top club once again, but there is still one department that has been left in the Championship, left behind with the old regime – the ticket office.

Ticket Office queue at kick-off v Malmo

Now, this isn’t a personal dig at any individuals that work in the office, but a club of Rangers size simply has to have a well functioning ticketing system that prevents scenes like those outside Ibrox on Tuesday night which left hundreds of fans waiting outside the ground because of a failure with the scanners and smart cards not being activated.

When fans are told not to worry because everything has been taken care of, there is an element of trust that the job has been done properly, and that all the necessary checks have been completed.

Rangers fans waited 10 years to play in the Champions League, they shouldn’t have had to wait until into the second-half to get in the ground to see their team play.