Date: 20th August 2021 at 10:30am
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Rangers are getting a lot of things right both on and off the pitch, however, as highlighted by Vital Rangers already this season, there are still massive problems when it comes to ticketing.

Weeks of complaints has finally seen managing director, Stewart Robertson, address fans in a lengthy statement in which he not only apologises for some of the issues that have been suffered this season but also that the club has now made it their number one priority.

The issues with ticketing for both home and away games hasn’t been the only problem, how complaints have been dealt with, the lack of communication and access to help has compounded the situation, it simply hasn’t been good enough for a club the size of Rangers, especially when you consider how deep fans have been expected dig their hands into their pockets over the last 18-months.

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Fans took to social media, appreciative that their plight has finally been recognised but cautious that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words….

Fans clearly aren’t happy, especially when it surely can’t be that complicated a set of problems to fix. That Rangers are taking on new staff immediately does at least seem to indicate how urgently they are trying to deal with them, however, they’ve had nearly 18 months to prepare for the return of fans into the grounds and to away games – we saw these issues coming, why didn’t they?