Date: 29th May 2019 at 7:40am
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According to p47 of the Daily Record on 28th May, Rangers have ruled out a move for striker Pavol Safranko.

The Gers have been good at times this year but need that extra bit of consistency in order to get themselves back on top of the table.

Extra depth in the squad would be ideal across the pitch, then, but Safranko is not going to be a part of things at all it seems.

Alfredo Morelos is the main striker at the club, of course, and we hope he stays whilst Jermain Defoe finished the campaign well.

Kyle Lafferty still needs to improve and then perhaps there is a spot for a new forward to come in and challenge.

Who that is, though, is still up for debate and speculation with this report in mind.

Playing for Dundee United, it might not be the worst miss in the end as we can surely find someone with some extra pedigree.


4 Replies to “Rangers pour cold water on recent transfer rumour”

  • Well well another one not wanting to. Play in this crap Scottish league.. However.. We celtic will strengthen yet again paying a score for every quid tge gers pay.. Thus ten in a row is on tge horizon.. I do hope for a wee bit better of a challenge next season but tge gulf mast gulf in tge finances of both clubs is there for anyone with a brain to see.. So. Let’s crack on and may tge best team win.. Oops we have done it again.. Is on tge horizon tee hee tee hee

    • It seems that you sad taigs just can’t get enough of our site.why can’t you talk sense if your gonnae troll our site,in fact why don’t you just stick your heed in an oven and turn it on.WATP You fuck off.

    • Johnny downie. Good to see an old firm fan commenting without the usual effin & blinding !! May the best team win.. ie my team, not yours. Hopefully our crap league will have a better season than it’s seen for years with Hearts Hibs Aberdeen Septic and Gers all in the mix. Just hope Lennon can grow up from being a corner boy next season.

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