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“Unfortunate” – Ross in nonsense penalty claim as Porteous does Gers favour again

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Only when Rangers are given a stonewall penalty is there such a drama about whether or not it is the right call, no wonder there is a shortage of referees in the country if managers constantly look to blame them for mistakes, even when they get decisions right.

Fresh off the back of defending Ryan Porteous – again – for being sent off for a wild lunge on Joe Aribo at Ibrox, Jack Ross has claimed that his side were “unfortunate” to be on the wrong end of John Beaton’s penalty call and that it could have gone either way.

For a start, there is no dubiety, it was a penalty, VAR would have confirmed it without any hesitation. Porteous tripped Ryan Kent, whether or not he has deluded himself into believing that he didn’t touch him is another matter but he also told Beaton he got the ball so there’s every chance.

Ross, via The Daily Record, performed some of the most incredible mental gymnastics when talking about the award and, if you think Porteous looked stupid, wait until you read this:

“He (Ryan) was adamant at the time that it wasn’t a penalty in the aftermath of the game and having watched it again I tend to agree with him.

“I would be claiming for it if it was in the opposite box but that doesn’t mean to say I think it was a penalty.

“That sounds a bit contradictory but you would ask for it – I had no idea at the time because I’m so far away – but having watched again I think Ryan (Porteous) pulls away.

“There’s very little contact and it’s a 50-50 one in terms of the refereeing giving it and unfortunately for us he has.”

So are you saying that there was contact then Jack? Penalties aren’t given based on degrees of contact, they are given if there is a foul in the box, Porteous did pull his leg away but by that point had already tripped Kent, it’s the easiest decision Beaton will have all season.

The problem Ross has is that he’s an enabler, constantly pandering to Porteous rather than criticising him for diving in or for getting himself sent off, he will continue to be as reckless because his manager constantly defends him – it’s always someone else’s fault, the pair of them would be perfect for Parkhead.

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