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Gio under fire already, the nonsense begins from Scottish media

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And so the narrative has been set.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has barely set foot in the door at Ibrox and already the usual suspects are firing both barrels at him.

Of course, The Daily Record and former Celtic players are doing their masters’ bidding by suggesting that the new Rangers manager was negligent in not addressing the squad at half-time.

Now, bearing in mind that his work permit only came through yesterday Рthe day after the game Р and he has had no involvement with training, what exactly were they expecting him to do Рwalk into the dressing room and start throwing team cups about?

Van Bronckhorst would have learned more about his squad from that second half by remaining in the stands than if he’d gone in and interfered with the interim management team.

As Connor Goldson mentioned in his post match interview, it was 100% on the players. For the first two goals players were out of position, they didn’t follow instructions, there’s nothing the new manager could have done about that at half-time.

Unlike some, I don’t think we lost because of a lack of effort, I think we lost because of a lack of concentration – there is a marked difference between the two, had Gio gone in and read the riot act before even taking a training session it could have had an adverse effect, it’s 2021, you can’t just shout and scream at players every week.

We have shown, on occasion, that there is still the makings of a good team, those that don’t want to be here for the next chapter will be moved on and those that don’t show the correct attitude in training won’t be picked, it’s as simple as that, and that will be on Van Bronckhorst, not an abject cup failure caused by poor decision making and poor organisation that he had nothing to do with.

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  • Philip Goodwin says:

    Why do bears buy this rag

  • Patrick Cravagan says:

    Great comments buy goldstone am celtic fan bothe teams played really well but hibs got it right on the button stevie gerald has just left so that could have helped hibs I think it did should have crazy horse popped in at half time yes I think he should have even just to say good luck for second half come on the tic for final

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