Date: 8th May 2019 at 8:10pm
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Rangers have offered a contract to Rennes defender Mexer, also inviting him to watch this weekend’s derby against Celtic at Ibrox, according to STV.

Manager Steven Gerrard was said to have personally scouted and met with the player last week in France and it appears the potential deal is further down the line tonight.

STV reckon an offer is on the table to make the Ligue 1 stopper our fourth signing of the summer so far after moves for Jordan Jones, Jake Hastie and Steven Davis.

The Mozambique international could now be in Glasgow as early as Sunday, invited to take in the atmosphere and drama of the upcoming Old Firm derby.

He is able to make the trip as he is currently serving a one-match suspension with current side Rennes.

His contract at the Ligue 1 club expires at the end of the season and picking him on a free could be a real bargain considering he has a current market value of £3.6m according to Transfermarkt.

With excellent experience in France and Portugal, he would be an exciting addition to the squad and would directly replace the departing Joe Worrall.

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26 Replies to “Rangers make move with exciting offer for £3.6m-rated player”

  • It is so so important that we get Mexer on board as early as possible we are able to offer him so much the best fans in the world top top training facilities fantastic stadium
    And the the cherry on the European football
    We most certainly don’t need anything in midfield we have an anazing player coming back in young Docherty
    We need a left back as cover and front attackers as back up

    • We need a quality no 10, with quick feet, pace and guile. But they cost big bucks. 🙁

    • Best fans in the world my ass
      Celtic fans have awards for being the best fans while you lot riot in manchester and stab fans coming to your stadium and even stab fans when you get beat yeah best fans eh lol

        • It there was a Vital football CELTIC blog I am certain Shaun would comment on it but there isn’t one
          So much for having the World’s best fans , more like the thickest tw*ts.

          • Bullsh*t undertaker there is a Vital football celtic blog
            Celtic the best fans my ar*e.. caused mayhem in Valencia, got knocked f*ck out of in Holland been fined umpteen times by the European football authorities. Stabbed the sh*t out of each other in the Merchant City, punching police horses, your a riot, talk a lot of crap, say one thing and do the other

            • Let’s not forget the slashing in the hospitality suite at girodome and he should Google Celtic fans riot in Manchester too, yeah the very place that these terrorist loving tramps bombed.


            • Wrong again breezy doll, there is NO Vital Celtic blog with THIS topic only this Vital Rangers blog.
              Check it and see as you are never off Celtic sites on Celtic News 24.
              Many times you tried saying there was a This is Football blog on Rangers News 24 as an excuse for being on This is Football Celtic sites so not only are you DUMB like all your fans you are a hypocrite as well dolly dunb*ss!!

              • Undertaker your as thick as sh*te
                Vital football Celtic exists search ya lazy wee sod

                • Taker is right. This thread is only on Vital Football Rangers. Methinks the doll doth protest too much, especially as he will have already checked Vital Football Celtic sites to find that there is no topic with this title on them but doll wi!l try to bluff it out – now that is just being stupid doll just like your fans.

                    • Hahaha another 2 pr*cks making an ar*e of themselves …There is Vital Rangers and Vital Celtic the lies that come out that mob is unbelievable hehehe

                  • Hehe he the undertaker aka misterkentlie and his 2 famIly conglomerate “the rock” and “stone cold” hehehe

                    • Time to play the game dolly’s braes. Making excuses and pathetically trying to ridicule others does NOT change the fact that Taker was right and this thread is only on Vital Football Rangers NOT Vital Football Celtic. It also does NOT change the fact that you are a thick as pigsh*t dumb*ss. Game over!

                    • Hehehe another family member ooh
                      Let’s go back to his first post he stated
                      “If there was a vital Celtic blog he would comment on it” and I quoted there is a vital Celtic blog
                      Then further on we get a contortion of the original subject by stating ” this thread there was no mention of thread in the first post. Ha also stated there was no this is football blog which always has been but denies
                      What is your problem in any case you trying to play the scare ame ya muppet I can assure you it won’t work watch, this space

      • Let me educate you…. the last stab victim after an old firm was a Celtic fan… the person that done it was also a celtic fan…. celtic have a high record for child abuse. Your comment is laughable!!

  • Sure enough mate, but we need a quality no 10 with quick feet and guile. Someone in the same mould as Iniesta.

    • I couldn’t agree more Ian, the whole team is utter dross but not as dross as braezy doll’s texting.
      I stated earlier that Shaun would have been commenting on a Vital Celtic blog if it existed rather than text it the topic existed on a Vital Celtic blog just to see if what I stated was true and Rangers fans WERE the thickest tw*ts and only ONE fan tell into the trap and texted back “Vital Celtic sites exist” guess who – dolly dumb*ss.
      So it would appear that your fans aren’t as thick after all only Dolly.
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                My Hulkomaniacs also think you are a dumb*ss!
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                • Owww, have mercy ! The Dude thinks that the Hulkster is more relentless than you Dolly!

                  • After all that fuss Mexer signed a 4 year contract with Bordeux. The word on The street is that things were going well and he was going to be Slippy G’s guest at the game on Sunday but then Slippy G dropped the bombshell that Dolly Dumb*ss wanted to meet him so Mexer said NON!!!

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