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New manager, new songs, as Gers fans party in the sun

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It’s been a season of new beginnings, with the arrival of Giovanni van Bronckhorst heralding a fresh start for Rangers after Steven Gerrard took us as far as he felt he could.

It’s not just on the pitch where we’ve seen something fresh with the Ibrox support, led by the Union Bears, being in fine voice since the first ball was kicked.

We’ve seen Fashion Sakala get his own incredibly catchy song, regardless of whether or not you sing the right words, and on Thursday night against Sparta Prague, Van Bronckhorst even got his own number, with the lyrics slightly easier to understand to the tune of Dario G’s “Carnaval de Paris”, you know the bit with the bagpipes…

But, they’ve gone one better, we all love a bit of ABBA, our favourite Swede already has his own rendition of “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” and now, “Super Trouper” has now been added to the playlist with the official Rangers Twitter account giving those who weren’t at the Toni Macaroni Arena a helping hand with the words:

That’s the thing with social media, just when you think you’ve managed to stop whistling or singing a song, you’ll see another post talking about it and in it pops, straight back in – all the best getting to sleep with either Shakira, Dario G or ABBA’s finest buzzing about your head!

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  • Neil says:

    Hi Gavin, I read your blog with interest and believe it to be a fair and usually balanced viewpoint with an obvious bias to Rangers and their supporters.
    It is great to hear fans singing songs about their heroes and being excited and part of the atmosphere.
    However I was wondering what your thoughts are on the videos and reports of a section of Rangers fans singing derogatory songs about Tommy Burns.
    Surely you do not think this is acceptable behaviour and I was sure you would call it out for what it was.
    As a Celtic fan I’d be mortified if that type of song was sung about a great man for example Walter Smith and hugely embarrassed and would call it out with my fellow supporters and report it.
    I look forward to your response.
    Kind regards

  • Gavin says:

    Hi Neil,

    Yeah the footage I’ve seen is abhorrent and has been widely condemned by every right minded Rangers fan that I’ve seen, unfortunately there will always be an element in every club’s fan base that can’t behave. You’re right, a similar song about Walter Smith would cause huge anger amongst the Rangers support. There’s a line with rivalry and unfortunately some crossed it at the weekend

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