Date: 17th February 2021 at 4:18pm
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Rangers have released a statement confirming that the club will be stepping up efforts on brand protection in a move to stifle other companies and traders from using its registered trademarks.

In line with the revamped commercial and marketing function that is fully operational at the club, this latest move shows that James Bisgrove, the director responsible across all commercial activity, is extending the reach of Rangers and protecting its assets.

The statement read:

“Rangers is ramping up its efforts to increase our brand protection and strengthen our club’s reputation within the commercial market.”

“We now have dedicated resources and expertise to ensure any counterfeit merchandise and products using Rangers’ trademarks illegally, will be subject to appropriate action and the strongest consequences possible.”

“Rangers will not accept breaches of its trademarks and will take all necessary measures to protect our supporters from unofficial merchandise.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, any purchases that are not from or an official club partner or licensee are not official and do not benefit the club.”

It continued,

“Furthermore, unofficial products will not have passed the same rigorous safety checks nor will they have been held to the same high standard as our official club products.”

“We encourage all Rangers supporters to only buy official Castore & Rangers merchandise and official licensed products from the club’s approved partners. The days where it was deemed necessary to buy from beyond official outlets are now gone.”


Whilst this move is to be welcomed in preventing others from profiting on the back of the club and potentially depriving it of income, it is hoped that the brand protection strategy will not impact on genuine supporters clubs and groups.

RSCs have traditionally used Rangers logos on a limited basis for merchandise that is simply for essential fund raising and not to cash in.

The hands-off warning will alert many traders, especially online, that Rangers are watching.