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Ibrox beam back – would Rangers really miss chance to make money out of fans?

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The news that the chances of there being some sort of live beam back to Ibrox for the Europa League final next week is unlikely has been met, understandably, with wide scale criticism from Rangers fans.

It would appear that no provisions were made for us potentially reaching the final and, as Stewart Robertson claimed, the staff simply isn’t available to host such an event.

I struggle to believe that the club hasn’t made every attempt possible to provide something for those Rangers fans that either can’t or don’t want to travel to Seville, it’s obviously not as simple as sticking up a few big screens and letting the fans in but still, it’s a huge disappointment.

The vast majority of the criticism has been labelled at the messenger, however, we can’t have it both ways.

Previous issues with the current board this season has centred around them not caring about fans and that they only see us as a way of making money, surely, if this was true, they would be doing everything they could to sell tickets to tens of thousands of fans for an even t that would be relatively cheap to organise?

I would like to believe that every idea we have come up with; outside agencies, media companies etc were all approached about the feasibility of implementing a plan at short notice, the same with employing Glasgow City Council to make provisions for local residents, however, we all know about the current administration’s warmth for the club and for helping us out.

This is a situation where, if you don’t like Robertson, then it’s his fault, however, do you genuinely believe that – after the Sydney┬áCup debacle – that he wouldn’t be doing everything possible to get us back on side?

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