Date: 28th April 2021 at 4:52pm
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BC Hong Kong Rangers Football Club to be precise.

Despite no official link-up, the name and (old) logo of Rangers is carried over in the far-east at this Hong Kong football club.

The genesis of this side stems from an ex-pat who moved to HK, the formation happened and the name lives on.

Instead of red, white and blue it is mostly blue and yellow for the Hong Kong outfit.

On the popular FollowFollow Rangers fans messageboard, user Kowloon72 described his matchday experience having gone along to a game last night.

A very informative, insightful summary is provided in what is a recommended read, in full.

“They also use a version of our badge, and their fans sing a number of modified versions of our songs.”

“The most surreal was them chanting ‘We are the Rangers’ to the rhythm of We are the people.”

“Their singing section consists of about a dozen of their most passionate fans, rare for anyone else to join in.”