Date: 18th April 2019 at 8:43pm
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Celtic midfielder Scott Brown could face Steven Gerrard’s Rangers side in next month’s Old Firm derby at Ibrox, after his disciplinary hearing was moved forward at the Parkhead club’s request, as reported by The Daily Record.

The paper say that Brown’s case will now be heard on April 26th, having originally been penned in for May 2nd.

The former Scotland international has been cited for “failing to act in the best interests of Scottish football” after celebrating in front of and gesturing towards the travelling Rangers support during a recent match at Celtic Park.

The move means he Hoops captain will now have to be given a hefty three match ban if he is to miss the match at Ibrox, rather than two had the original date been kept.

It’s just the latest decision from the Scottish FA that has gone against us this season, with fans growing increasingly tired of the apparently random decision making at Hampden.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the player receives no action against him at all!

What are your thoughts on the decisions of the SFA this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


78 Replies to “Rangers have potentially been shafted again by football authorities”

    • Brown gets elbowed in the face by a thug,(gets a red card) then gets left hooked by another thug ( no red card????) then after the game is over we have another idiot, (red card)who should have left the field after his team of losers lost, attack Brown who still does not lose his cool but keeps calm in the face of provocation.
      I rest my case.

      • Brown has got away with these sorts of things for years which is indicative of religious strongholds and not pure football laws and regulations. Football in Scotland is years behind in integrity and values and will always be held back due to a lack of back bone to sort the basics out.. Brown is as guilty as Morelos but there is not a fair and just system in place and no transparency throughout.. football is the loser in all of this crap

    • No consistency on and off the park. Watching Scottish football for almost 60 years and this is the worst I can remember. Seriously thinking of giving up my season ticket next season as I have had enough

    • Just what we expect from the S.F.A hope he does play against us at excuses when we beat them

    • If that was the case, why have they done everything they could to protect rangers from decades of cheating?
      Why did they limit the dates of the LNS enquiry so that it missed key dates?
      Why did they try to blackmail every other club into allowing new rangers to start in the top division?
      Why is a convicted criminal considered it and proper to run a football club?

      • Degsy more bullsh*t “decades of cheating” another Harkins Disciple brainwashed by a snake oil salesman a charlatan, they cheat and think everybody is the same
        There was no new Rangers it was the same Rangers and they were put in the lower divisions ya clown
        Why is dessy 33% owner of a Latvian bank being hounded by world authorities for money laundering and tax evasion on an industrial scale considered fit and proper to run a football club

        • “Degsy more bullsh*t “decades of cheating” …”
          Fair point. It was, in this context, only about 12 years of cheating.

          “… they cheat and think everybody is the same”
          If you’re accusing Celtic of cheating, in what way did Celtic cheat?

          “There was no new Rangers it was the same Rangers and they were put in the lower divisions”
          If they were “put”, why did they have to apply to join and where were they when there was no Rangers (apart from Berwick) in any of our divisions?

          “Why is dessy 33% owner of a Latvian bank being hounded by world authorities for money laundering and tax evasion on an industrial scale considered fit and proper to run a football club”
          Are you accusing Dermot Desmond of being a criminal? What crime has he been accused/convicted of? And just in case you’ve forgotten, your chairman IS a convicted criminal. Surely even you can remember that?

          • Willow Doh! I’ve just explained what dessy has been accused of, money laundering and tax evasion on an industrial scale
            It’s not me that’s accusing him it’s French, American, authorities that are accusing him after his sorry ar*e, I am just telling you the way it is, so suck it up and accept it
            To answer more of your distorted cr*p “put” into the lower divisions
            Let me refresh your memory
            As the Sevco situation goes. It was clearly stated by the Scottish and European authorities that Rangers 2012 is an existing club even although it’s a new company
            Newco Rangers had to pay any unpaid football debts of the oldco to the SFA and the European football authorities, these debts were paid and was proof that it exists as the same club
            Also stated should Rangers refuse to meet the SFA’s demands it will be forced to apply for a completely new membership not tied to the former club, these demands were met by Rangers and exists as the same club, further proof
            “Your clubs deid” theory is nothing but fabricated garbage, the final outcome of the SFA not putting the final nail in Rangers coffin and letting us continue as the same club didn’t suit Celtic fans so they concoct “your clubs died”‘fantasy’ and then repeat time after time for 7 years under a concerted propaganda campaign, it morphs into the truth
            Also this is the real reason Celtic think there is a conspiracy in the SFA against them in reality the SFA are against Rangers

            • Has Dermot Desmond been charged with, or convicted of, any crimes that would prohibit him from being considered fit and proper to run a football club? Your chairman has.

              “To answer more of your distorted cr*p “put” into the lower divisions”
              The word “put” was your choice of ‘distorted crap’, not mine.
              After Charles Green had bought his “basket of assets, not a football club” he tried to join the top league.
              When that failed he tried for the second tier.
              He was eventually allowed into the fourth.
              What definition of “put” involves three applications?

              I’m sure you’ve seen a copy of Rangers’ incorporation document. “Henceforth the Club and Company shall be synonymous of meaning”. ie The club and company were one and the same. When the company went into liquidation that was also the end of the club because they were the same thing. The only fantasy is that of the death deniers.

              “in reality the SFA are against Rangers”. The only unfair thing the SFA did against the new Rangers was to punish with a paltry fine for the crimes of the old club and even that was done to help facilitate the Survival Lie.

              “… they cheat and think everybody is the same”
              If you’re accusing Celtic of cheating, in what way did Celtic cheat? I’ve seen you make similar accusations on other threads and never once have you been able to substantiate your claim.

    • The SFA did not need to bring Rangers down they did it themselves when caught big time cheating, hence the placeing in of liquidation of the old club in 2012, s o I suppose you mean the new version of rangers formerly sevco, not trying their hardest to convince everyone that it all never happened, aided and abetted by the SFA and so called journalists in Scotland, but I suppose if you keep repeating the same lie over and over again, people will start to believe it.

    • There is no Ranjurs. In fact there are two. 1 in liquidation and another pretending to be

  • It’s not a decision that’s went against us at all. Let Brown play at The Brox and show him up for what he is. A strutting big shot against no competition for years with limited football ability. Bring Them on, Brown or no.

  • Correct, corrupt bast*rds
    But I would rather have him playing at ibrox when we hammer them, so we don’t listen to their pathetic lying excuses they used after the the last scumskelping

  • For god’s sake rangers stop whining and get on with it, he is what he is, just get on with the game.

  • Everybody and there dog know how corrupted the SFA are towards rangers i would say they are easily pro celtic, dick turpin wore a face mask

    • corruption….who is corrupt .. Why were you flung out of the top flight ???
      was that SFA telling lies again
      Ohh booo hooo nobody likes us

  • he hasn’t actually broken any rule, SFA are just a joke no matter if it is celtic rangers or the national team.

  • Yes I agree let’s just get on with the game, as we are becoming stronger and better than them every week, and they know it.

  • Brown has no charge to answer as the one proposed isa joke IMO! Servo was shafted by its own thug players ,end of,so stop whining.

    • Del bhoy and the rest of the cheating lying scum
      Brown is a ned and has been for a number of years but scum being scum they just keep denying the truth in fact does the mob know what the truth is anymore
      As for 10 iar hahaha

  • “I wouldn’t be surprised if the player receives no action against him at all!”

    Me neither. He did nothing wrong

  • Don’t understand what you’re all moaning about here. I believe in a bit of give and take. I was at the game when one of our own ran on the park towards brown. He’s a prick but all the more reason to get stuck in to him if he’s playing.

    SFA Don’t know their arse from their elbows. Saying they’re bias or corrupt is nonsense and just makes us look stupid

  • Dont want to worry all the newco fans out there but big problems about to hit the headlines again regarding money troubles again at the spam factory.

    Oh its ok though Dave dodgy King says that all is ok and “Get your seasons tickets now, roll up roll up, get your seasons tickets now,

    Yep Folks the future is bright
    The future is green and white

    • Talking about newco how’s wee fergus’s 1994 newco doing his wee tribute act still going strong he hehe
      Is Dodgy dessy still money laundering
      And we don’t need anybody to induce us to buy season tickets unlike the mob over at Eastendia we can fill our stadium

    • Rangers are totally Pish,have the Newco won a Major Trophy yet? WHY cos
      They’re pure&utter mince,lucky to finish top 3.Gerrard must Stay.Slippy tit.HH

  • 1.Why do all the septic fans follow Rangers pages?
    2.UEFA claim the Rangers are indeed the same Club, does that mean that everything UEFA say is incorrect? Ah well there goes their European Cup then, no more 67… Shame.

    • Gary over at Eastendia that is fantasy land anything is possible they make their own history 10% truth 90% fiction that is the Celtic Way
      The entrance into Celtic park isn’t called the Celtic Way for nothing it’s where myths are born

  • The great unwashed are becoming a wee bit annoyed are they not,we must be gettin close to the bone,we will be stronger and we will be better and we,’re coming straight for yous no surrender.

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