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“Love that” – Fans fall for Hagi as camera catches what he did on emotional Jack return

Image for “Love that” – Fans fall for Hagi as camera catches what he did on emotional Jack return

Ryan Jack’s long awaited return to action was warmly received off the pitch, but even more so, the reaction by some of his fellow players would have brought a tear to a glass eye.

The midfielder has been out of action for around nine months following extensive surgery to his spine to relieve a problem with his calf muscles that would flare up unannounced and disappear just as quickly but has now been training pain free for the last couple of weeks.

As Jack was about to come on Joe Aribo started applauding but then Ianis Hagi took things a step further by cajoling the crowd into giving the Scotland international an even louder ovation.

Jack isn’t just an important player, he’s obviously a popular one too, you can see that from training videos and from the post title celebrations in May – he bleeds red, white and blue – and team-mates will know what he has gone through to get back on the park.

The fans were equally as delighted to see Jack return to action but on seeing Hagi orchestrate an already buoyant support, it only further enamoured him to an adoring support.

Even at 22-years old, Hagi is a leader, the small gesture that he made would have meant the world to Jack, who would have been understandably nervous about his first competitive game for nine months, you can’t help but love the Romanian international and how quickly he has embraced everything it takes to be a Ranger.

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