Date: 23rd May 2019 at 7:40am
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Quoted by the Daily Record, Charlie Adam has offered a prediction as to how he thinks summer needs to go in order to challenge for the title next season.

The former Ibrox midfielder has his own future to decide this summer but he has taken time to talk about what our plans might need to be for the window.

We’ll be looking to earn title number 55 next year at the expense of Celtic and Adam believes three or four quality signings are what is needed.

He said:

“I don’t see Rangers bringing seven or eight players in. I can see them bringing in three or four maximum of better quality players that can take Rangers to the next level again and give Celtic a proper challenge.”

Certainly, he has got a fair point.

Steven Gerrard has a decent squad that, when consistent, can get some serious results and challenge.

If he could just add a sprinkling of stardust to this side we are more than capable of getting back on top of the league in this country.

Who those signings end up being, though, remains to be seen in the coming weeks.


12 Replies to “Rangers figure offers summer transfer prediction that will put 55 firmly in sight”

  • It’s probably fair to say that rangers need a few decent to quality signings during the window… If they are gonna attempt to stop us doing ten in a row.. Anyway I look forward to hopefully a challenge next season but to be pretty frank I really cannot see it…. But let’s all wait and see it’s as simple as that

    • Downie…I think you should be more worried about your own team, they will need more than a few quality signings, that`s if Lawwell opens the buscuit tin, your club is bloated with duds picking up big wages.
      Players will be sold ie; Teirney for one Maybe Mcgregor, Forrest etc a total clear is on the cards, a new team to rebuild and maybe a new manager, the Co-op to pay back in July £16+m, sounds as if you are in a bit of a turmoil, yes let`s wait and see

  • Just you worry about spelling ‘biscuit’ properly. I do agree though about a clear out of overpaid squad players.

    • Is that your best Neil , a spelling mistake is that all you can get me on, I take it you have never made a spelling mistake in your life .. You clowns like sticking your beaks into Rangers affairs, you think you have some self entitlement to say what ever you like about Rangers…and I love to get underestimated by the Trash over at the Eastend

      • We aren’t really trash to be fair,and yeah course i have but not when I’m trying to slag my rivals,i would just make myself look foolish if i done that.

  • How can you go for 55 when you are a new club ,after being liquidated yous have won nothing yet ,and long may it continue

    • Here you idiots go again, new club my a**, is that all you can muster up? I know I’ll be laughing when all you’ll achieve is 8 in a row, we’re coming for you and you know it!

  • Hahaha more fantasy from the Celtic folklore club, where myths are born
    Still alive and going for 55, suck it up scumbags

    • Well yous got most off them with cheating your so called QUEEN, so wee all know where your loyalty lyes. DELUSIONAL!!!

  • The reason we can go for 55,is because we are currently on 54 titles.All our titles and cups are intact and recognized by the governing bodies that matter,if even if some two bit club from the east end of Glasgow don’t.

    • C’mon i wouldn’t say there a two bit club,putting everything aside they are both massive institutions, both more than football clubs.

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