Date: 15th December 2020 at 9:15am
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A report in The Daily Record has claimed that Alfredo Morelos might not quite be in the clear with regards to the incident that has seen pundits and journalists once again aiming both barrels at the Rangers striker.

The flash point in which the Colombian international led with his arm in a clash going for a header with Mark Connolly was dealt with by referee Steven McLean at the time with the whistler awarding a free-kick and a yellow card against the Gers star.

According to the article, even though McLean dealt with the incident at the time, the compliance offer could take another look at it if she feels that it is “exceptional in nature”, and unfortunately, after seeing Steven Gerrard charged – and later cleared – for comments made after the previous meeting between the two sides at Ibrox, few would be surprised to see Morelos have to answer to whatever they can throw at him.

At least he has his manager on his side though, who after the game had his say on the matter, as reported by BBC Sport:

“I didn’t see an elbow.

“If you look at him again, there’s no elbow there. The referee saw it and dealt with it. It was a foul and a yellow card and it’s been dealt with.”

“He is working hard, he’s doing a job for the team. His all-round play is good, he’s just maybe lacking that wee bit of confidence in front of goal. I’m sure it will turn.”

I’m not entirely sure how the compliance officer could justify that it was “exceptional in nature”, however, this hasn’t stopped her in the past, nor has it led to her bringing charges against Captain Stampy himself, Scott Brown, who only last week escaped punishment yet again, he must surely hold the record now for the number of times he has been cleared of wrong doing or the compliance officer has seen fit not to pursue any action.

Should Morelos have seen red?





You can see it coming a mile away and it’s a sad indictment of the game in Scotland that few will be surprised to see the SFA’s disciplinary book thrown at Morelos for something that others get away with on a near weekly basis, I suppose if they can’t beat us on the pitch, they have to try to do it off it.