Date: 14th May 2019 at 8:52pm
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BT Sport pundit Chris Sutton could barely bring himself to congratulate Rangers for our impressive derby victory over Celtic on Sunday, writing in his weekly Daily Record column.

Steven Gerrard’s side dominated the 90 minutes against Sutton’s former club at Ibrox, winning 2-0 and reminding everyone we’re a lot closer to the Hoops than many people think.

Sutton though dished out his usual digs, believing that the result means nothing in terms of our chances of competing next season.

Writing in the Record, the former striker said:

Celtic played as though this game was meaningless, because that’s exactly what it was.

Fair play to Rangers. They were at it all afternoon, it was an impressive performance and I’m sure they enjoyed it.

No doubt there will be a DVD of the game out by the end of the week. But let’s face it, the pressure was off and that is when this Rangers team turns up. It’s too little, too late.

If I was Steven Gerrard I’d be pulling my hair out and wondering where this team was when he needed them back in January and February. If they had got going earlier we might even have had a title race rather than an average Celtic team being allowed a procession.

They have missed a trick this term. It’s all very well lapping up an Old Firm win but they could have done with this form when it mattered. There’s been a lot of talk about this win being a marker for next season. Nonsense. Yesterday won’t matter a jot come August.

I have a feeling things might be a lot trickier for Celtic next season than Sutton expects.

It’s true they will try to strengthen again this summer but their last few transfer windows haven’t been very successful and we’re already getting some smart business done early.

Celtic could win a clean sweep of trophies this season, there’s no getting away from that nor the fact that for portions of this term we haven’t been good enough.

However, pay no mind to the bluster as cages are clearly rattled at Celtic Park, with supporters and Hoops minded pundits definitely looking over their shoulder a bit in the wake of Sunday’s win.

It’s up to us now to build on that.


3 Replies to “Pundit’s bitter rant is proof rivals are running scared of Rangers”

  • Sutton is one of Celtic’s Shamen’s, or should I say shamed yins. ….Alex Rae was right Sutton is a Celtic Cheerleader….. heh Chris away and put on your mini skirt and grab your pompoms….Give us a P. Give us a R. Give us a I. Give us a C. Give us a K. …What have we got…. PRICK!

    • What part of the Chris Sutton interview did yous watch, the guy is the most honest pundit on the scene in Scotland , the facts are this Celtic playing there worst football for years have still won the double and going for the treble , and no one including Chris is saying rangers ain’t coming back at us , but for rangers fans to get excited by rangers run after the league Has been won is the equivalent of a punter at the horses celebrating his horse finishing the race second even thou his money was on it to win ,. Celtic will spend big next season and rangers will go begging Liverpool for there surplus under 21 player’s the two clubs are going in different directions, and I know where my money will be punted on

      • What a joke Chris Sutton the most honest pundit on the scene in Scotland hahahaha
        Time to wake up O`donnell you are dreaming again
        Celtic spending big? good luck with that one

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