Date: 12th March 2018 at 3:40pm
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Anyone else get the feeling that Chris Sutton is perhaps not our biggest fan?

We shouldn`t be that surprised, of course, given his playing history and clear inability to put that to one side and be honest so it should come as no shock that he`s thrown in another dig after the weekend.

Of course, it was a disappointing result but we more than matched Celtic for most of the game and, when you consider how far we`ve come, it won`t be long until we overtake them.

Perhaps, then, Sutton is a bit concerned his beloved former side are about to get shown up in the coming years as they look stagnant and we should only get better.

He`s tweeted and said in his latest column that we`re all talk and no action but you only have to look at the last few seasons to show we more than mean business on our continuing return.

He knows that we`re closer than we`ve been in a while to get back on top and so, to me, he only sums up Celtic right now, running scared and having a pop whilst they know they can before it`s too late.

Here`s what he said earlier today:


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