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New role for Patterson after St Mirren hint

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When Gary McAllister and Steven Gerrard have spoken in the past about finding a way to accomodate both James Tavernier and Nathan Patterson, the general consensus was that it would mean either a shift in formation or the skipper moving into midfield.

What we saw against St Mirren on Sunday though was maybe a glimpse into what we could see more often with the Scotland international coming off the bench to play on the right-hand side of a front three.

Patterson is comfortable in possession, we known that, and he plays as a wing-back for Scotland so is more than happy spending his time in the final third, this is also where a Rangers full-back is expected to contribute.

He has plenty of pace to cause problems and there are no questions about his work rate but perhaps the biggest reason for picking him there might be unknown to most Rangers fans.

The 19-year old, prior to his promotion to the senior squad, used to play in midfield for the Scotland Under-21 team, although not a natural winger, he has plenty of attributes that make him a useful option there – especially against a team that is tiring.

Patterson has two goals for Rangers and both of them have come from being able to cover the ground quickly, he was also nearly clean through on Sunday but for a cynical foul pulling him back.

It’s not the position that he will make his name in or one that he will play in regularly but it’s another string to his bow and certainly one that the gaffer shouldn’t be afraid to use from time to time – every minute he spends on the pitch will only accelerate his already rapid rise to the top.

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