Date: 2nd April 2019 at 7:00am
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Our loss against Celtic was frustrating on Sunday, but what was even more frustrating was the manner in which it came. It was, naturally, a volatile atmosphere, but there was no excuse for either set of players to lose their heads, and that is certainly the case for Alfredo Morelos.

The Columbian, who had the chance to cement his status with a good performance, not only let us down when he was sent off in the first half, but he let himself down. It was just another case of him simply doing what he always does, which is to put himself amongst the headlines, but in this case, he was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In the past, we’ve been able to get past it. After all, he’s our top goalscorer, and he’s arguably the finest player in Scotland.

However, his disciplinary issues have now gone too far, and Gerrard has been left with a decision to make. Is it time to sell him? We think it might be.

After all, a player’s talent is irrelevant if they can’t be relied upon. He’s proven he can score, but time and time he’s let us down with his disciplinary issues. Sending off after sending off, yellow card after yellow card, altercation and altercation, where does it stop?

The reality is that if we can’t rely on our forward to be on the pitch at the end of a game, what can we rely on him for? This isn’t the first time that he’s cost us a match, and it won’t be the last if he stays.

But for that reason, it’s time for Gerrard to call time on Morelos. It’s time for him to go, and it’s time for us to find a replacement because this has happened too much. He’s becoming a liability. A very talented liability, sure, but a liability nonetheless.

It’s time to move on.



6 Replies to “Opinion: Time must be up for this Rangers ace as decision looms for Gerrard”

  • Yep, sorry Alf, time to call it a day.
    Can’t rely on you mate..
    We need a reliable, free scoring centre forward for next year

  • I’ve said from day one he’s a liability and will cost us points now he may have cost us the league this season I won’t be back until he’s gone sorry but he is spoiling our enjoyment

  • Brown set out to get him sent off anybody who cant see that is fucking blind thank fuck ryan kent got him for the cheating bastard he is, go to the arsenal web site and see what the english are saying about brown before yous all judge morellas, he is the ONLY player in gerrards loan team playing for the jersey, TOTAL LEGEND for what he done to brown and so is kent

    • While I can’t condone the immaturity of Alfredo Morelos with his petulant behaviour nothing is ever mentioned regarding the instigators of fouls against him and the lack of professionalism and lack of moral fibre in trying to get a fellow professional sent off.
      Our game has hit the depths of disparity when players like Scot Brown are seen as heroes because they have succeeded in getting someone sent off . The SFA are a joke with the compliance officer a figure head taking the flak away from totally inept people who totally disregard the fans and club interests ,and simply look after their own . Scottish football has gone back years because of the lack of proper leadership knowledge of the game and empathy with the supporters .

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