Date: 27th July 2018 at 6:01pm
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Celtic today released a statement confirming that Rangers supporters will only be receiving 800 tickets for the upcoming derby at Celtic Park in September.

That comes after the Gers took the step to reduce the away allocation for all matches at Ibrox next season due to record season ticket sales, as revealed in a May statement.

There’s an argument to say that part of the spectacle of Scottish football’s biggest fixture requires a large away support to really get the atmosphere going, but frankly do we need to see that as supporters at Ibrox, especially when it’s clearly giving their team a boost on the pitch?

I’m sure that Celtic fans would say the same about us going to Celtic Park. It’s not like they enjoy our company is it? A quick scan of Celtic supporters’ reactions suggest they are quite happy at this news.

In a hugely important year for the club which has seen a massive resurgence in fan interest due to the appointment of Steven Gerrard, anything that gives his team more of a chance in derby fixtures at Ibrox is hugely welcomed.

They’ve enjoyed their gloating for a number of years now but no more, especially when we have absolutely nothing to lose financially. Ibrox will be a sell-out when they come calling, with a full Broomloan Road end ready to cheer on the good guys for a change.

The Celtic statement takes various pot shots at Rangers, claiming that the previous arrangement suited both sets of supporters.

That’s clearly untrue. It benefited them far more than us, so we’ve taken steps to address that. It’s hardly necessary to start the mud-slinging and calls for summits between the two clubs and the SPFL is it?

The club is simply looking out for its own interests and no amount of hysterical statements from across the city is going to change that.

What do you make of the Celtic statement and allocation situation? Let us know in the comments…


32 Replies to “Opinion: Rangers have nothing to lose in ticket fiasco so Celtic can save the hysterics”

  • Of course you’re happy. When you came on Celtic Park nobody knows you’re there. But when our bhoys go on your stadium you can hear just Celtic fans singing. So you’re happy you have a chance to be heard, probably not, but you have a chance. :)) At least, our toilets are save now :))) ZOMBIE NATION.

    • I’m a Killie fan and a semi-pro lesbian footballer, and think this is a shame to the atmosphere of this game. However, can understand The Rangers decision as they have been hammered on several occasions at home. An eye for an eye.

    • The real reason they have cut the allocation is because they can’t take a beating manfully, the sight of the Bhoys/fans rejoicing is too much for them. Greetin like waynes as they pile out of Ibrox, their superiority complex can’t handle it.
      Remember the time the old club banned the Celtic fans we still whooped them.
      So “bring it on” :-))

      • you talk some sh*t timothy
        you beat the worst rangers team in history because we have been getting robbed by everyone trying to take us for mugs now we have a good board and manager watch yer backs
        phew what a smell

        • Rangers FC who now sadly exist as Rangers 2012 were made bankrupt due to conning the taxman to pay for better players, no one to blame but themselves for the position they are now in, maybe you will be runners up this year who knows, after paying off Pedro and your existing debts it won’t be long until we see you in division 3 again, remember PAY YOUR BILLS …….. CONNING BARSTEWARDS!!!

  • I wouldn’t give any tickets to the scum. Least that way, we wouldn’t have to jet wash that part of ibrox. Smelly and unwashed vermin

  • I thought at first Sevco had cut their own allocation to 800 fans for Ibrokes. Well let’s face it, the last few Derby games they have only had about 800 fans left in the stadium at full time so that idea seems perfectly plausible.

  • the truth being rangers are looking after their own interests by selling more season tickets and as for being humped at ibrox celtic have been the best team in Scotland due to rangers demise but now rangers are back celtic arse is staring to nip a bit cause they know full well the title is coming back home to ibrox where it belongs and as for not taking a beating manually what the feck does that mean I think half of the manky mob are needing to go back to school to learn proper English and as for rangers 2012 I think you will find that rangers have been here since 1872 go and ask anyone that matters and they will tell you the same
    55 IS A COMING

  • What is ‘Liquidation’

    Liquidation in finance and economics is the process of bringing a business to an end and distributing its assets to claimants. It is an event that usually occurs when a company is insolvent, meaning it cannot pay its obligations when they come due. As company operations end, the remaining assets are used to pay creditors and shareholders, based on the priority of their claims.


  • Its been like that for years, since the collapse of 2012,anybody with a hint of impartiality would see celtic have used everything in they’re power in Scottish football, to stop rangers, rising again to be a power, they even have the sfa, the spfl in there pockets, anybody who thinks different, are deluding themselves, and Scottish football, is suffering as a hole, one team league is a joke, in the eyes of world football.

    • Having read this comment and those above it from Sellick fans I have arrived at the conclusion that whatever schools they went to did not teach English or grammar.

  • We get such a good laugh, that all of a sudden Celtic supporters have started to spend more time talking about Rangers than they do about their own team. It could give some people the impression that they are becoming paranoid (again)…caused by their concern that they might not have it all their own way like they have become used to. Must be scary for them 🙂

  • Strange how rangers fans were stuck in a corner with restricted view and yet Celtic fans had a whole end of the stadium. Maybe if Celtic played fair there may have been a different outcome however when have Celtic and Glasgow council played fair

  • A well run club Celtic are so what have they 2 fear from a debt ridden club a don’t think it will be much

  • Ah perfect. They are suffering so badly at our hands that they have resorted to innovate approaches to try and ease the pain. Its going to be some craic watching the four sides of Ipox empty after 60 mins to leave 800 Tims singing them out. What will they turn to then? Hiding our players boots.

  • If I’m not right here in saying this but it wasn’t to long ago when we were playing in the lower division s to world breaking attendances yet our wee pals over in the East end had the world breaking flag on the top tier of the Lisbon lions stand not only for a season but for two ?? Check the stats yet we look after our own only to be slated
    I as a personal point of view wouldn’t set foot in parkhead as I wouldn’t like to be seen supporting the wee team from the east end giving them my hard earned cash & the when you look at the big picture when Gerrard does start to win leagues for us again let’s see that big flag return back to where it belongs

  • Fans of Rangers are feeling very confident after getting a couple of narrow wins against some very poor opposition. They should at least wait until their new look team of loan players and their rookie manager start actually winning important games against SPFL teams. Its the same every year, just like the English at every world cup. They allow themselves to be deluded into thinking they can actually win all before them, only to be brought to a juddering halt. Celtic are miles ahead of Rangers, on the field and off the field. This Gerrard experiment is their last throw of the dice. When this fails, Rangers are well and truly finished. Again. Liquidated twice. Yet another new world record.

  • is it going to be “civil unrest” when you don’t win the league ? top class race and religious hatred in Croatia-not a peep from the Rangers-supporting media-not a whisper-up to yer knees in blood,no Pope of Rome etc. Ya all proud to be ignorant neanderthals in the 21st Century. Well done ! Still you-ll have the undying support of the Lanarkshire Refs Assn also known as the Refs Loyal-SFA/Masonic cheating with guaranteed no problems. Nimmo Smith with his “No Playing Advantage” blatant massive LIE. There is such a thing as an “honourable foe” and then there’s Rangers and latest Rangers- a club cannot legally function without a Holding Co- you liquidate the Holding Company and the CLUB DIES ! Wishing you continued slow-death and looking forward to UEFA’s investigation into Financial Fair Play concerning the “basket of assets” and their Euro License granted by the ever compliant SFA. What’s a Catholic like Gerrard doing managing the most rabidly anti-Catholic club on the Planet. Obviously an utter asshole of monumental proportions. All together now – the BRIDGETON RAZOR BOYS ! Something to be really proud of.

  • I think that the best thing that Rangers fans can do is to completely block them from the ground. Unlike they with Rangers FC, we are not infatuated with their every action. We don’t go to their away Champion’s League qualifiers with banners. We don’t talk about their issues. We don’t stalk them like a scorned girlfriend.
    They are creepy and like a creepy stalker we need to block them from our lives by getting an order to desist.
    Zero seats for Them I say. ZERO…don’t come to Ibrox EVER again. I think we will ALL be happier in the end.

  • Aye,the rangers are back you say,just as your deluded,zombie horde shouted last season under the ”vastly experienced” messiah ”pedro” Caixeha,then before that Warbuurton was the best thing sinced ”sliced bread”boy he knew how to ”butter up”the gullibilliees up.Brendan soon made sure he Warbs,was’ ‘toast” As for looking after thier own interest,they are AGAIN simply bowing to the hurting zombi hoarde.Dembele and Edouarde.who are going to absolutely destroy you next month,say NEWSFLALSH ++++ no matte what tactics your desperate classless board do to appease the hurting ands”listen we will say theez only wunz” WE SHALL NOT ,WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED,WE SHALL NOT, WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED,,BY THE HEARTS ,THE HIBS,OR THE ZOMBIES, WE SHALL NOT. WE MOVED…….

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