Date: 12th December 2017 at 9:09pm
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With the failed approach by Rangers for Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes, Graeme Murty has said that being confirmed in place until the New Year doesn’t actually change anything from his perspective.

It could however provide a boost to the squad as they get a touch more consistency and understanding for the next few weeks.

Speaking to the Official Site he explained.

‘We have always planned ahead and made sure we have the players` welfare in mind for load and making sure the right players get the right stimulus. But, it doesn`t actually change my role at all. It just maybe changes things in the players` minds. If the players can have a more settled mind, and that leads to a better performance, then I`ll take it.
“For me, it just means I can get on with my job.’

With Hibernian up next, he went on to say.

‘What we have to do most importantly is recover the players as we have games coming up thick and fast. We need to make sure the squad is fit, briefed and ready to go, and the players have to make sure they are professional and they have to make sure they look after themselves properly. I`m in no doubt the game and the circumstances will throw up other situations we have to deal with, so they have to ensure they are ready to go, no matter their personal feelings of disappointment for not being in the squad or their personal feelings of disappointment for not actually finishing off a chance.’


‘Whatever they have within them, they have to make sure they are professional, ready and desperate to make a point if called upon.’

With the January transfer window opening under his watch, he went on to explain that his role was to advise on what ‘type’ of player we needed to improve the group as opposed to naming names, but that’s led by the Recruitment Department and Mark Allen in the main.

‘Our recruitment department and Mark are looking at targets, they are looking at the players with the characteristics required to come and play with this football club. We are in daily discussions but as it comes closer to that time and speaking about individual players you will have to talk to Mark. He is in charge of that side of it at the moment in the setup we currently have. I haven`t been told anything is going to stop us getting the player that we like but similarly we haven`t been that detailed with specific targets as yet.’

He went on to say.

‘I am not involved in identifying targets, I am involved in identifying characteristics and areas of the squad that we possibly need to strengthen. When it comes down to individual targets it will be down to Mark and his recruitment team to put together a group of available players and select the best one from that group. To be perfectly honest I think we are buying ourselves a bit of trouble if we get focussed on it; the squad is as it is at the moment. We have identified there are areas we need to strengthen and then it is up to the recruitment group to make sure those best targets are identified and as and when a new manager comes in they will be addressed at that time, along with the new manager`s targets. If there is no one in place I am sure other plans will be put into place as well to try and help the squad.’

Murty went on to say that if he felt strongly about a particular suggestion he’d make it however.

‘If I thought I could add anything to the squad I am perfectly willing and able to go and knock on Mark`s door and say ‘What do you think?’ Mark has made it clear we have to have that open and frank discussion about the squad that we have and anything we can do to strengthen that squad to help us through. I have my hands full dealing with games, budgets are far out of my remit and thankfully so.’

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