Date: 12th May 2019 at 10:44am
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Rangers fans have given a mixed response on the prospect of Phil Jagielka moving to Ibrox this summer.

Website Football Insider reported on Friday that Steven Gerrard was keen on adding the English Premier League veteran to his defensive line in the upcoming transfer window.

Jagielka’s future at Everton is uncertain with his current deal at Goodison Park set to expire and no decision made yet on whether they will look to keep him next season.

A long, successful career and the ability to still play at a high level makes him a prime candidate to add the experience and quality Gerrard needs next year, with the defence seen as a big priority for most fans.

Some though aren’t convinced, feeling he is just that little bit too old to be an effective centre half at Ibrox.

These supporters have taken to Twitter over the last few days to discuss the potential signing…

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2 Replies to “‘No thanks’, ‘He’d do a job’ – What Rangers fans are saying about one of this week’s rumours”

  • How can they buy when theyve no money
    So unless its a free its useless just like there season,i had a great laugh at there 2 nil win against us today watching there fans all smiles as i thought to myself weve been shit all season and still won the league,league cup and are in the final of the scottish cup about to make more history with the treble treble but like the t-shirt said many moons ago “WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS,WE DID IT FIRST”
    So when this time next season comes and we have clinched the 9th and you’ve beat us again please remember were not that hateful of sevco as we have given you something to cheer about in your disastrous season LMFAO
    and that little colombian still hasn’t scored against us lol and BROONY still laughs at your team lol HH YNWA 8IAR 10 IS COMING 1888

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