Date: 16th March 2019 at 8:00am
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When Steven Gerrard came to Rangers, he was a breath of fresh air. He brought passion, he brought desire, and he brought leadership to a team that was really lacking all three traits.

However, fast forward to the climax of his first season in charge, and things haven’t really gone to plan. We’re set to finish the season trophyless, and our SPFL title challenge has really tailed off as the season has progressed.

We’ve improved on last season, sure, but fans will have been hoping for more a few months ago. It’s imperative, then, that we finish the season as well as possible, but is anyone else getting tired of Steven Gerrard’s comments?

Ahead of our next game against Kilmarnock, as per the official Rangers Twitter page, Gerrard said: “I’m expecting a performance for the supporters on Saturday”.

Sure, he wants to engage the supporters and get a win for us. But how many times have we heard this?

Back in August, during the early stages of our eventually disappointing Europa League run, he said, as per the Telegraph: “The Rangers fans should be excited”. That ended well, didn’t it?

The reality of the situation is that Rangers had the game against Aberdeen to win for the supporters – and they failed. They’ve had plenty of games in which Gerrard has touted the importance of winning for the fans, and time and time again, they’ve fallen short.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been highlights, with our win against Celtic a particular moment of joy.

However, Gerrard needs to come up with something else. Clearly, doing it ‘for the fans’ isn’t working, otherwise, we’d still be in the cup and still maintaining a title challenge.

This isn’t meant to be an attack at Gerrard, but he just seems to say the same thing every time we lose. He needs to come up with something else – and fast.



10 Replies to “More of the same: Gerrard’s tiresome latest comments don’t help anyone – opinion”

  • There needs to be some realism. We have improved on last season, significantly in lots of ways. But imagining that we would seriously challenge Celtic over the course of a season, or win a trophy, was a dream which of course we all wanted. But unlikely and unrealistic, we are making progress but still have a long way to go. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • For gòdness sake get behind the man and stop moaning ok we are out of both cups even europe and more than likley no goin to win the league any true fan who thought we would is living in la la land .
    Its the mans first season for gods sake.
    The so called players who think they have the devine right to wear the blue jersey need to have a long hard look at themselves and realise that the jersey has to be earned so once again i say get behind the man he will come good

  • Only Allan McGregor saving us a few points,makes us look like progress is being made,otherwise we’d be no further forward than last season tbh????

    • The season has been littered with to many drawn games with at least 50% of these games affected by dodgy referee decisions we have lost the same amount of games as the team above us in the table. the drawn games have been the killer with not putting away teams when we have had so many chances to do so.Gerrad is doing a good job it was never going to work right away but the improvement can be seen roll on next season.

  • Was this page produced by a non rangers fan? There’s not a tru supporter who is tired of Gerrard. Thanks to him we had a long spell in Europe and hope we’ve not had that since we were relegated and this is his first job as manager. Sure there’s been mistakes but even if we had Mourhino in charge there would be with the limited resources and lack of quality in our league. He needs time to build and improve himself and us.

  • Sir Alex ferguson was one game from being sacked at man- u during his first season in charge, get behind the manager as any true supporter would do.
    I never see anything other than negative comments on this forum, change the editor please as its getting boring

  • Weve definitely improved a lot and the quality of play is much better, especially at home. One thing im sick of tho is quotes and interviews with players telling us they know what they did wrong last time, its been rectified, spoken about etc, they know what they have to do to put things right and so on. Yeah? The fans arent stupid so enough of the cliches, do your talking ON the park and keep quiet off it.

  • Rome was certainly not built in a day…. It does seem this article was written by a celt or a don. Gerrard needs time to build a team and it might take longer than we all want but we can’t keep critiquing…. What would make us happy then???? Do we want our manager to bugger off????? True rangers fans know the score

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