Date: 5th December 2018 at 9:40pm
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Rangers have slipped back down to second in the Scottish Premiership after losing to Aberdeen tonight at Ibrox.

An early goal from defender Scott McKenna was enough to ensure Derek McInnes’ side headed home with all three points after a dramatic and frustrating 90 minutes.

Both teams found themselves reduced to ten men with Sam Cosgrove and Alfredo Morelos receiving two yellows apiece.

Rangers though had a man advantage for a good portion of the match and fans were left bitterly disappointed with the overall performance in such a winnable match.

With Celtic drawing away to Motherwell, it was a massive opportunity for Steven Gerrard’s side to pile on the pressure. However, a Kilmarnock win means they move to the top of the table.

Supporters were especially disappointed with Morelos who missed a golden chance to equalise before getting himself sent off in an avoidable incident with Graeme Shinnie.

Many are growing sick of his indiscipline and took to Twitter to share their thoughts…

What did you make of Alfredo Morelos’ performance and sending off tonight? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


16 Replies to “‘Idiot’, ‘No saving him’ – Many Rangers fans destroy one star after defeat to Aberdeen”

  • Morelos is a moron needles sending of ,this man will cost rangers dearly this year including sell on money otherclubs will see him for what he is a liability.

  • Morelos has so much talent and potential, he is a real goal scoring asset and a nightmare for defenders to play against. Yet on the other hand, he is an idiot who unnecessarily gets himself into trouble with his immature behaviour. He lets himself, his team, and the supporters down. He needs to grow up!

  • Ridiculous,him and rangers again.0 there at all,2 many ballet dancers who flatter to deceive. And thats not knee jerk,still haven’t seen a real performance yet.Argue with this??kidn ourselves

  • Morelos is a typical South American hothead who IS NOT suited to the Scottish game, and should spend the rest of his Ibrox days in the reserves until we find someone stupid enough to buy him.

  • Manager is the one to blame. At half time other fans and myself thought it would be best that Morelos does not start the 2nd half as the referee looked as if he was looking for any excuse to give him a 2nd yellow. As it proved.

  • They can’t make a pass they don’t move and pass thy depend on tav making a good cross and thy are to far apart and should play like the tic who play pass and move unlike the gers

  • Enough is enough. He keeps letting the side down and is just not a team player. Yes he scores goals but he is also a liability. His attitude cannot have a positive effect in the dressing room either. The fact he never smiles on the pitch unless he scores is telling, does he even enjoy playing?
    We need to make him available in January get as much money as we can for him from a team who will have to be desperate for a goal scorer to risk signing him. This is still a building year and must be regarded as such so there is no point in trying to build a team around him.

  • Need to get a winning team on the pitch and leave it alone for a run of games, especially important games like tonight!
    Everyone can see Flanagan is pi#h at left back but hes played there to shoehorn him into a game, if hes that good at right back keep Andy at left Back until Borna is back and move Flanagan to right back and push Tav up 1 , have a right side of Flanagan, Tav and Dan when playing a 4,3,3

  • Morelos must go get rid of him in the January transfer window he is a complete liability to the team and he aint going to change his ways the money we get from him will be enough to buy a decent striker who can last the 90 minutes without getting yellow cards and red cards
    Sorry the Manager cannot keep defending him and accepting his conduct on the field he has got to show him the door,sell him and with the transfer fee buy someone who is not a idiot like Morelos

  • Does Gerrard still love him ?. needs reality check. talks about improving discipline but players don’t care. . We’ll hear the same poor phrases . I.e. He’s young . Didn’t mean it. ref.,got it wrong . Too many players showing little effort and ability. Flannigan consistently gets selected after poor performances. Happy Xmas folks.

  • Management need to stamp out this discipline issue. If they can’t behave then don’t pay them. They are paid good money to play a game. Put red cards into their contract and punish them where they will listen…in the pocket.

  • I have said for months now that Morelos must go he is a total liability last night has just caused us big time.

    This muppet is no good sitting in the stands like he was for the Aberdeen cup semi -Final

    His attitude discipline is there for all to see so why can the Management team not all see this.

    The self inflicted damage this idiot is causing the rest of the team is so harmful not only to the other 10 players bursting a gut for the cause but to himself as the sell on transfer fee drops due to ill discipline also please note
    This guy gets caught offside so so many times it is so frustrating to see him get paid £ thousands each week yet cannot read or understand our off-side rules

    I say sell him now take £15.000000 and buy the boys Dwight Gale and Jordan Rhodes also throw in a decent right back to replace Flanaghan who cannot defend to save himself .

    The Villareal game exposed Flanaghan as possibly the worst right back in the Europa competition

    At the end of the day Mr Gerrard picks the best 11 players to wear the jersey if he continues with the bad decisions he makes then it will be his undoing.

    • Should be thinking about the debt instead of buying players the way it is going there will be no team . Therefore no need for players

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