Date: 16th April 2019 at 8:00am
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Nothing generates conversation quite like a message from Dave King – both amongst Rangers fans and non-Rangers fans – and that’s certainly been the case for his latest statement.

Speaking to Rangers supporters, via The Herald, King has discussed the progress at Ibrox this season, and also his plans for the future.

One excerpt reads: “It was never going to be easy and it is extremely gratifying to have witnessed the progress that has been made over the last year. We are now within tangible reach of Rangers becoming the dominant force in Scottish football again.”

Now, saying something like this is always going to generate talk. It’s inevitable, and you’d expect most of it to be bad. Fans will say that we haven’t won a trophy, whilst Celtic are continuing to dominate on paper.

However, the reality is that success isn’t only determined by trophies. This year, we ran Celtic closer than we have in a long time, and a title win looked genuinely possible for a long time. Not to mention, we had a decent run in Europe, whilst we also managed to win the Old Firm derby. Those are all hugely positive steps.

Is there a long way to go? Of course, and if the team isn’t improved this summer, we’ll regress quickly.

But for a first season under Gerrard, things have gone well, and if we can keep that up for another year, there’s no telling how far we could go.

King will generate anger with these comments, but he’s absolutely right. It’s important, of course, that we don’t let our foot off the gas, but he’s not showing any signs of doing that.



3 Replies to “He’ll be vilified, but Dave King’s latest Rangers comments are spot on – opinion”

  • Where do you start with this? Delusion. There is no evidence whatever to support this point of view. Have we improved? Modestly. Domination is nowhere near in sight and only much more money and better playing personnel will bring this around. Of course, people are saying it is a pitch to help season ticket renewals;in which case he is speaking directly to supporters. I find his remarks patronising in that case. Do your talking on the park. On far too many occasions this season we have dismally failed to do just this.

  • There has been a lot of players bought this season, some won’t be used next season as they failed to impress. In the last four or five games though there has been an improvement, especially in midfield in which Kamara has excelled, we are a couple of players away from winning the league next season, and if we get it right, I believe we will win the league.
    On the subject of Dave King, I really don’t get those who criticise King, where would we be without him and the rest, who got rid of the parasites who were asset stripping the club.

    • The bottom line is king will say what he wants and the fans will believe it fact
      Unless your a supporter not an armchair fanbhoy its the supporters that see right through him because in reality what king calls progress is the 1 win against celtic
      There is nothing else no cups not even a final
      And if the peepel are jumping for joy at that then next season is going to bury the club and as a celtic fan i honestly dont want that to happen but its going to and surely the fact there already talking loan signings makes the coin drop

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