Date: 9th April 2019 at 8:00am
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It’s been a mixed few months for Rangers, but all of our concerns were forgotten on Sunday evening when the Player of the Year awards took place. It’s a time for reflection and consideration, but it’s also a time to take it easy and to not worry about what has happened or what is still to come.

On the night, unsurprisingly, Alfredo Morelos was the recipient of a number of awards, including the Player’s Player of the Year Award – highlighting just how highly rated the Colombian is amongst his teammates.

It’s no less than he deserves. Whichever way you spin it, nobody has come close to the attacker at Rangers this season. But that doesn’t mean that he should stay. To the contrary, regardless of these awards, it’s still time for the club to sell him this summer.

Sometimes you have to make tough choices, and whilst Rangers would be worse off without Morelos, the reality is if Steven Gerrard is to grow as a manager and if Rangers are to develop, they can’t have someone leading the line that they can’t rely upon.

His constant misgivings on the field, particularly with regards to disciplinary problems, have caused issues time and time again, and where do you draw the line?

He’s won us a lot of points this season, but he’s also potentially cost us points. It’s not just the games where he gets sent off, but it’s the fixtures thereafter in which we’re bound to play without our first choice forward. It’s just not good enough. We’d be far better off if we sold him and brought in a few new faces with the money generated.

Morelos needs to be sold – and these awards shouldn’t change that.



4 Replies to “He might be loved by his teammates, but this Rangers ace simply has to be sold – opinion”

  • How can you say for definite he cost us points? The games he missed… How can you say for sure he’d have scored or say we would definitely have won? You can’t just assume that then start blaming Alfredo. Many times this season we lost points as a team. The team collectively didn’t play well even when morelos was on the park. So for you to single out morelos as the one costing us points due to missing games is rubbish. Yes we missed him in the games but it’s def a bit arrogant to suggest we’d have definitely won or drawn had he been playing.

    • You sound like another Chris Sutton, he’s still young and I’m sure if Steven Gerrard still wants him. Then that surely says that he trust’s Alfredo, plus I’m sure everyone at the club is helping him with his outbursts. If you’re a Rangers supporter then give Alfredo the same chance as his team have given him.

  • It seems to me that every celtic fan is desperate for us to sell Alfredo. What does that tell you. He’s still young he’ll grow out of it and be worth double next season.

  • I agree that we should keep him. He’s still learning but what a player he will be once he has. Please let us keep him for one more season!

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