Date: 1st August 2018 at 9:00am
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Former Rangers centre-half Carlos Cuellar caused a few trips down memory lane when he took to social media to direct a tweet in the direction of the clubs’ fans this week.

The message was simple and leant on his time at Ibrox over a decade ago now and he simply wanted to wish us well for Thursday’s upcoming Europa League clash as we go into the second leg against Osijek.

36-year-old Cuellar is a familiar face for the more vintage amongst the fanbase, he arrived from Osasuna back in the summer of 2007 for a reported £2.37million and went on to spend only 12 months with us before he earned a massive £7.8million switch to Aston Villa.

Whilst his time at Ibrox was short-lived, he certainly made an impression with a return of five goals in a whopping 65 starting appearances – a club record for a single year – and he continues to be loved by those who responded in kind to his well wishes.

At least most of them, some from elsewhere tried to remind him a certain red card from his history – but we don’t talk about them, they talk about us!


19 Replies to ““Gutted You Left” “One Of The Best” “Knew What It Meant” – Former Rangers Man Strikes The Right Chord With Tweet”

  • What do you get from a Sevconian.Child Abuse Claims etc BJK!!!yet child abuse victims counsel contacted Ibrox regarding child abuse at Ibrox and The Sevco referred them to Rangers in Liquidation.Disgraceful Club…Fact

  • Imagine how many good players Rangers missed out on because they were Catholics? At least the new Rangers is open to all , as Jim Traynor demanded they should be when he was still a journalist

  • Constantly scour Gers forums OBSESSED is putting it mildly. With reference to the abuse situation, your lot have been awashed with these scandals consistently over the past 20 years. That shows an endless stream of abuse that is nothing short of a brotherhood with the Catholic Church numbers. Piss off and concentrate on your own news “oh thats right “ nothing to talk about over that way, Peado scumbags

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        • Georgina Hen,Yer needing to simmer down.Is it mine or anyone elses fault,You lot let that Real RainJurZz Die.Blame,Murray King etc.What has catholics got to do with Sevco not being RainJurZz.Rangers are Liquidated.And that has nothing to do with Catholics.You pathetic excuse for a football supporter.Obsession over Celtic killed Rangers.facts are facts..God Bless You And i shall say a wee prayer for your New Club.

  • Never ever have I read a Celtic story online( not interested) so can’t understand why a Celtic fan would read a rangers one never mind comment on a supposedly non existent team . So while the smelltic fans frothing at the mouth with one hand on glue bag n the other down the front of their smelly spunked stained joggies staring at all things rangers IL be cheering on the Rosenberg. Roll on 55 .PS I won’t even read any fandan haters reply cos I’m not interested yous are boring.WATP

    • Roll on 55?????lolololol.Sevco have only won the Petrified Cup.Seriously the minute Liquidation is mentioned,Its like another Hun Apocolypse.You lot Let that other Club Die.Keep it real now Wilma.What exactly have SEVCO won???Apart from the very odd court appearance lololol.Sevco Will be Like that other Rancid Turd soon enough.Different shite but definitely same flies..HAIL HAIL

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    • Spunk Stained Joggies???Im guessing your from Larkhall.How was the Rosenborg game,For You.Osijek are going to put Sevco out of there misery Tonight.Got my wager on Osijek to win 2-1.And it,ll be Bye Bye Sevco.This is Sevco last throw of the Dice.The Glib and Shameless one has put your Club in a right cnt of a position.Like the other Club,He will let Sevco Die aswell

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    • George,Ye raging Aye…How is it the second the Word,Liquidation is mentioned in a sentence with Rangers.Every Bear gets in a frantic state,And the child abuse claims and big Jock knew statements come splurting out of a Proddys ugly face.Its only Sevco Supporters that are trying to keep Same Club Myth Alive.Remember the Herald back in 2012 as well as every other Rag.140 Years of History is Over in 8 Minutes.Thats Reality.The only Club Ever to be LIQUIDATED And just carry on like nothing happened.RIP Rangers..Atleast there is a New Club to follow,Just like Walter Smith stated,We wish the New Rangers Every Success.

  • Each to there,Own.If Sevco can get themselves back to the Top.And do it Fairly???Then fine.But that saying keeps reminding Us.Once a cheat,Always a Cheat

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